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  1. AS I was looking for the same option, this is possible since v4.4
  2. They always do which is why I didn't share it 😞 But it's very easy to find
  3. You can hide it with CSS 🙂 Indeed very annoying, should pop-up once a day or so. We are also waiting on the theme update
  4. Understand that but I couldn't wait 1 day for a reply. Posted it here in case other people would have the same issue.
  5. Also the first time here, let's hope it never happens again
  6. I got an error that InnoDB only supports one FULLTEXT index per table. Had to manually delete the "index_title" index in ipb_core_search_index to continue. Running MySQL 5.7.23
  7. Also check that the zip-file is not "blocked", that solved it here.
  8. Then you're doing something wrong, running superfast here on Apache & IPS4 with 2GB ram for WEB & DB. Database is around 3GB.
  9. P.S.: adblocker is blocking my screenshot because of the name "fb_share"
  10. After the upgrade to v4 it was always in French while the board is Dutch. Since 2 months it's always Arabic which is annoying for our members. Can't find where to change this in AdminCP so does anyone know? Example link: https://www.facebook.com/stijn.degrieck/posts/10210245079020386 Here this is shared in English (Like - Comment - Share) , see screenshot below how we see this.
  11. @opentype : sorry for going off-topic but where can this be changed for the activity stream to group it per topic? "/forums/discover/" Running the latest update so can't find the options anywhere for that stream
  12. I tested it yesterday as well and was unable to delete it. Android 5.0.1 with latest Chrome (Oneplus One)
  13. We still have users complaining about this, running Any update of when this would be fixed please?
  14. I had the same issue, had to replace Options -MultiViews with Options +FollowSymlinks -MultiViews -Indexes
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