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  1. You mean something like this? That's included in 4.5.4 which was released yesterday 🙂
  2. An issue was identified in this plugins upgrade code. You're iterating over almost all member rows in the step2 upgrade step which of course won't work on medium & big boards resulting in issues. foreach( \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'core_members', array( 'warnLogs_tid>?', 0 ) ) as $row ) { \IPS\Db::i()->insert( 'warnlog_membersdata', array( 'member_id' => $row['member_id'], 'topic_id' => $row['warnLogs_tid'] ) ); }
  3. I would suggest to submit a ticket if you haven't changed anything and everything was working fine till yet
  4. You have posted this suggestion already
  5. Please submit a ticket so that we can take a look at this.
  6. There’s no new version waiting for approval.
  7. I guess it's fine, given it's only run in your own controllers where you're making sure to use POST requests for any state changes and any actions where data aren't just simply displayed to the user.
  8. Thx. That's quite strange, the content in doesn't contain anything suspectious.
  9. A similar issue was mentioned here Personally I haven't seen this ever before, only in the other topic and here.
  10. There's a link to the Notification Settings when you open the Admin Notifications. There's also another link on the top on the notifications page
  11. No Update: We've been listening to the feedback and are working on a solution to make the /interface folder accessible again our Cloud infrastructure. This means, any JS, HTML, GIF files uploaded there will work, even PHP will work, BUT you'll have no access to the IPS framework there.
  12. That’s not true. Open the admin notification settings where you can set if you want to receive an email or not.
  13. There's already an own ACP permission for this. Only administrators with the "Can view and edit members' two factor authentication settings?" permission are able to see and edit this. If you're worried that your administrators could abuse the system, don't give them the permission to view and edit this 🙂
  14. Deprecation of the interface directory In order to ensure Invision Community is compatible with modern cloud infrastructures we are deprecating the use of the interface directory in favour of a proper front loader system. We're working on a new solution which will allow HTTP requests to the interface directory. This means, any JS, HTML, GIF files uploaded there will work, even PHP will work, BUT you'll have no access to the IPS framework there. Last months common submission issues: All in all the quality increased, but there are still 2 common issues which are worth to be mentioned. Versions (again) 😉 Please try to pay more attention to this. We're thinking about including an check for this to forbid any submissions where the new version is lower than the previous, but until this happens, please, please pay more attention to this. It's one of the really unnecessary reasons for a approval delay.. Editors Please keep in mind that you can't just use any of the existing EditorLocations in your 3rd party applications and plugins. There's a lot going on in the background and there's a lot logic related to the specific area used in the EditorLocation Extension, so one can't just use e.g. the Admin EditorLocation for the editor field in his custom form. Last but not least, please try to install your application or plugin on a local test instance and also run the upgrade from the stable last release before you submit it to the marketplace. You'll be surprised how often we get submissions which result in an error while the installation.
  15. Could you clarify what you're trying to achieve? We have introduced a Webhook System in 4.5 which could be used for this, but right now it's limited to be used by 3rd party Applications, Plugins and our own Zapier integration. This means, registered web hooks will be able to get a notification with the available data when a specific event happens (e.g. when a member registers, when a topi (or literally any content is created, edited or deleted )
  16. Short update on the issue: This is indeed a limitation which we've just noticed ourself, We're looking at this right now and investigating possible solutions. In the meanwhile I would suggest to stop using the interface directory at all, and instead use controllers for the PHP logic and official CDNs or the application resource system for any other files. I'm going to explain this further in the upcoming September Marketplace Recap topic which will be published on Monday.
  17. There's no such feature in the core. The only way to read PMs would be by using the sql toolbox or allowing them to login as the user, so just don't give them the permission to use the SQL toolbox and to login as other users?!
  18. You have to enable the Pixabay Community Enhancement and follow the instructions there to get an API key
  19. It's the core / front / widgets / promoted template.
  20. Updates are already shown inside the ACP, but your idea is also on our internal suggestions post.
  21. Wouldn't the new "Mark as solution" feature in 4.5 work better than links to random posts ? This will also highlight the post and create a link to it.. Another great indicator are the posts with the most likes (which are part of the topic summary)
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