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Entry Comments posted by Charles

  1. 9 minutes ago, KT Walrus said:

    Existing sales are not, but I'm thinking about accelerating future sales of IPS Cloud which I believe would be greatly accelerated with an open-source self-hosted version of v4 or v5, especially if you could get the price of entry-level IPS Cloud to under $20/month. A free tier of the open-source version with limited features could make conversion to paying user accelerate.

    Anyway, this is my last comment on this... I just wanted to get you to consider open source as an option to scale your business. You need all the help you can get from third-party developers to accelerate adoption of IPS Cloud, IMHO.

    Actually, cloud clients have a very low usage of Marketplace. People do on cloud do not tend to "tinker" quite as much and just get on with their community.

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