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  1. Hello he(it) would be good to send an e-mail when one banished a user, him would very also be to send an automatic mp to the user, when a message, subject and to delete(eliminate) or to mask, him(it) squeezed(tightened) very also of added a button ban on profile users of the forum to be able to banish without passing by the PC Admin.
  2. Salut, ca va bien :) ?

    1. stef60530


      bonjour on ce connais ?

  3. Idea hello I know not or to post on forum I thus post here ^^ comment of jabberism, would be to have a button for emptied the window of cat(chat) and what Administrator(Director) and moderator is not to eject if we activate Automatically kick inactivates users Thank you for having read to me
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