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  1. Sorry, been quite busy lately. "BB code is a fossil" And to think that the largest forum on the internet, reddit, still uses markdown syntax. I guess they didn't get the IPB memo.
  2. That's like saying HTML is a fossil. It would still be nice for those of us who wish to utilize the "old" editor, the one that wasn't buggy, had proper post previews, a proper 'view source' (of BB code) and that is the similar to most other forum platforms (besides the ones that use markup like vanilla). The editor as it is now is unusable for some members. It isn't tested properly across different platforms that exist. I still have people complaining that some of the icons appear differently for them than for other users, nothing I can replicate as it works for me. I still can't post URLs on my forum or this forum without the text I type after it automatically linking to the URL I pasted (I posted a bug report, nothing came of it). https://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/active-reports/41x-pasting-url-results-in-text-typed-after-url-to-link-and-underline-r8720/ It's a trainwreck, it really is. Why is "Insert Other Media" an option below the editor? Why was there a need to re-arrange the editor to remove popular options such as embedding images? Why are some visitors seeing the "Link" icon as a "gear" in their toolbar and the "smiley" icon is the icon for submitting "code". (This I can't replicate because it works fine for me, but not fine for others) Things I had to manually fix myself after upgrading: Random redirects added from the change of URL structures Had to modify code so the search function worked properly and would return results for phrases that contained words of 3 letters or less. It worked fine before the 4.1.X upgrade, but as per usual random things break in every upgrade. Had to modify the way "Unread Content" linked to the content. Clicking on the title of the unread content took you to the first post of that thread... instead to the first UNREAD post of that thread. Users aren't going to click all the small links under the post synopsis to see which one takes them to where they expect to go. The title of the thread should link to the first unread comment just like it always has before the 4.1.X series. Random template updates because of surprise template changes. It's not all horrible. I do like the new Discover system despite the fact the thread titles shouldn't link to the first post of the thread and instead should link to the first unread post of that thread. I do like the navbar editor as well (Even though comically there is no option to set custom links to open in a new tab/window with target="_blank"). The quotes system is a big improvement over 4.x.x but I still prefer/liked the quote system in <3.4.X better.
  3. Surely I'm not the only one experiencing this. The new post editor, no one likes. We all want the old BB code editor back and there is no fix or workaround. Members who had bookmarked URLs for new content complained because the URL structure in updates have changed, and IPB didn't build in redirects to prevent error pages from being shown when the old pages were accessed instead of the new "discover" pages. As an admin I've seen more complaints than I ever have in 4.X.X since upgrading from 3.4.X Am I the only one? It's really done more damage to my community than it has helped it. Several of my top posters hate the updates so much that they've told me they've just decided to stop posting.
  4. What in the hell? I'm so close to just completely switching platforms all together. I upgraded to 4.0.X because staff have stopped supporting issues I bring to them about 3.4.X and tell me I should upgrade. I upgrade. So much stuff breaks. I'm still waiting for an update to a ticket regarding a CRITICAL issue that I submitted on Wednesday... Tier II support still hasn't responded. I am so completely let down by 4.0.X that I guess it's time to spin up a new dev server to test out other platforms.
  5. In IPB 3.4.X you could promote a forum post as an article in the moderator actions, however I am not seeing this feature in 4.0.X. How can I promote a forum submission as an article?
  6. Why is it that IPB4 disables guests from viewing the 'New Content' link? A few of my users are not happy with this change and request a way to view new content in the same manner they could before with 3.4.X while viewing the forum as a guest. Any reason why this was removed? Any plan to reintroduce it or any workaround so I can make my visitors happy?
  7. I'm needing to enable a global sidebar on my site. The sidebar should be present on all pages, including profiles, the message center, etc. Has anyone successfully been able to get sidebars working on ALL pages? Since I run ads on my sidebar they need to be present on all pages just as they were in IPB3.4.X. Thanks.
  8. I'm one who is disappointed to not see the BBCode editor in IPB4.0. I won't upgrade my forum to 4.0.X until the feature returns or until I switch community platforms. I have too many members who disable the WYSIWYG editor or browse the web with JS disabled and prefer the use of BBCode to publish content to the forum. Yes, I know you can still 'use' BBCode, but you can't view/edit the BBCode after publishing a post during an edit as you're stuck with the damn WYSIWYG editor. The ability to view the source of your response or post via BBCode and toggle back and forth as you can in 3.4.X is required in IPB4. Why would this be phased out? Minus the admin area in IPB4 the rest of the new IPB4 is pretty nice. But I can't upgrade to IPB4 if my community will lose the ability to post content using the BBCode editor like you can on every single other main stream platform available.
  9. It's unfortunate that the BB code editor has been removed and you're forced to use the WYIWYG editor. I do hope the ability to switch between them like you are able to do on IPB3.4.X becomes available.
  10. As of right now, the profanity filter is unable to turn a word to a word that has BB code. For example, if you wanted to turn the word "candle" and have it appear as "candle" (bold, underline, italic) this would not be possible. That example alone would not be used by many, however what I was hoping to actually do was be able to turn certain words into URLs. So if someone said (for example) "My favorite search engine is Google" I'd like to be able to have "Google" appear as a URL ( "My favorite search engine is Google") Having the word "Google" be replaced with [url="http://google.com"]Google[/url]Only prints the BB code into the forum post instead of parsing it. (Same with other BB code) If you use HTML instead, it will also just print the HTML instead of parsing it. IPB Support told me the filter isn't supposed to work this way and to post here if I wanted assistance with it. Hoping someone can help me get it working properly. Thanks.
  11. ​Please check your PMs. Create an account and I will give you stripped down admin privileges so that you may access the appropriate areas.
  12. Just purchased this and installed, however it does not seem to work at all. I tested it on a hidden admin forum, made sure that the admin group was selected. One post per seven days was the limit. Was able to post multiple times. I then set the same settings for a public forum, and requested a regular member post two threads and they were able to do so without error. This is on IPB 3.4.x Any ideas?
  13. ​ This. Once again, another critical notice that no one received unless they follow the updates here. No email. No admin CP notice. Can you guys be more proactive and message your customers to alert them of such critical security updates?
  14. Isn't this something that would have been useful to announce within the admin panel? There was no notice in my admin backend regarding this.
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