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  1. ^This. Just give me a clue... are we talking days, weeks or months???
  2. True, but the one option I've been waiting for, "post before register" is active there and it works, so hot damn I'm ready to buy!
  3. I like it. When can I buy it?
  4. They said "later this year" if I recall correctly. There's only 12 days left in the year so does this mean the release is imminent? Days away?
  5. You missed the point entirely but I gave you a haha reaction anyway.
  6. You're welcome. I suggest that you begin by obtaining explicit consent for renewals, rather than this:
  7. I clicked on " Save this card for future purchases", which does not equate to "automatically bill me when this product expires".
  8. I noticed the email after they already attempted to charge my card. I have never subscribed or opted into automatic renewals. It was always a voluntary actioin in the past.
  9. I guess you haven't received this email from IPS yet: Which they did to me, and they will (apparently) to you and everyone else with an expiring license, whether you consent or not. This belongs in feedback.
  10. Are you suggesting that IPS has NOT started to AUTOMATICALLY bill customers for renewals?
  11. For a license renewal that I didn't buy?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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