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  1. Shyuan

    Behemoth Theme

    This theme is amazing, I did a lot of colour customisations to it through the given customisation options. If you do not want slider like me, you can disable the slider and news ticker, then add a header image and a background image. If you use textured background, you can upload the same image to header and body so that they look like one piece. Love how you are able to style the colour of the forum category title, love that it comes with two colour schemes (light and dark). It's also easy to use any other Google fonts. Taman is very helpful and friendly to reply to my questions. Thank you!
  2. Apology. I did try to find out what's the difference, maybe I didn't look at the right thread. Thanks for your reply. ?
  3. Hi, May I know what is the difference between v12 and v13 since both are IPS 4.3 compatible? Also, did you (or possibly previous developer?) delete the previous plugin listing? I bookmarked it and it's no longer found. So I found your plugin by manually searching through the marketplace.
  4. @Theme Tent UK thanks for the hint! I will have a look at it myself.
  5. Hi @Theme Tent UK the CSS code helps, thanks! Jump to is a paid addon: https://invisionpower.com/files/file/8056-jump-to/ I wonder if there's a way to adjust their orders/positions if I were to enable developer mode?
  6. Hi @Theme Tent UK, As you can see in the screenshot, Follow Us is slightly lighter and font size 13px instead of 12px (as I set). The CSS code you provided doesn't work. Like Jump To, it has its CSS to tune the font size and font colour, but I don't think Follow Us has it after looking at its CSS file. It's still looking the same after applying your custom CSS: My second question was meant to move Follow Us to the left of Jump To. So it probably doesn't relate to CSS? Thanks. Add: Jumpto.css has this: .ipsBreadcrumb [data-action="jumpTo"] { font-size: 12px
  7. Hi @Tom Christian how can I change the "Follow Us" font colour and font size on breadcrumb dropdown? Also, I have Jump To installed which is also placed on breadcrumb. May I know how can I swap both plugins' position? I would like to have Follow Us first then only Jump To and continue with the forum's default Unread Content and Mark site read. Thanks!
  8. Hi @TSP I tried creating a topic with anonymous function enabled, but it doesn't change the "Username" to "Guest xxxxx". I am using latest IPS version Any similar report? Thank you in advanced. My plugin settings allows all member groups to post anonymously, only admin can see the real identity and can post anonymously in all forum sections. I can't see what's causing it to not working.
    I have many members that do not upload any profile pictures, this plugin is definitely useful and make my forum more colourful! Thank you!
    Thank you very much, this is what I am looking for, to post as a person myself and as an official member account to post announcement. Been using two browsers to perform such actions, but now it's so much easier! Will report if I found any issues. Merry Christmas!
    Great plugin! Now is so much easier to know who is the topic starter!
  9. No problem! That's understandable.
  10. Hi @wohali my members love the snow effect! Thank you. Just a question though, is it possible to have the snow on entire screen instead of just one HTML element ID? By default, it's only the header. I tried adding ipsLayout_body and document.body separating them by comma but it won't work. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  11. I cleared my cache and check both forum and topic, it works fine for me. Have you tried uninstalled and reinstall the plugin? I just installed the plugin after I installed v4.1.17.1
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