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  1. ​Not really an arguement against tbh as you can pretty much pick and choose what elements to hide from the responsive design at different sizes so could always get rid of it on mobile if needs be.
  2. ​As am I ... I'm actually waiting for it to start the design work for my forum
  3. ​On on that note I agree I will be doing a small hook for this anyways as got a different thought on location for it. Another good reason for it not being default
  4. ​It does, however its not just the main navigation which is needed. IMO you would need the users tools, pagination etc,
  5. ​Have you got yourself some hosting already? If so the general procedure is: set up a mysql database which you can usually do through the control panel provided by your host (note down the name you give it and the username, password)connect via ftp to your host and upload the IPS files to the directory you are using for your forumNavigate to the install folder location from your browser and follow the instructionsIf you are not sure how to do this I would probably suggest getting someone to help you out with installing it to be honest.
  6. ​ Until I read this response I was going to reply with exactly the same thing. They are great if you have a very slim navigation element such as like on facebook but not very suitable for a forum IMO.
  7. ​Light hearted responses are a good addition to any discussion
  8. ​Ahhh now I see ..... Shift has just changed over and you guys can peddle faster?
  9. @Charles - Did you just tell em to peddle faster? Seems to have sped up a fair bit in the past few mins whatever you guys have done
  10. Think the standard reply is "when its ready" LOL ... Think they concentrating on this place at the moment as would have though the changes they have to make on here they would also be putting into the beta
  11. ​Must admit I completely agree. However to be fair I once wrote a form with the words "Hello World" on it and that to ran 1000% quicker than IPS. In fact I would go as far as to say it was instant, and I was only an amateur in those days.
  12. ​Let us know before you do then please Charles and I can change my email LOL
  13. BETA: The highest form of software entertainment

  14. Thats no fun. I had more posts on there than I have here LOL .... Time to get hammering
  15. I can see Client Lounge now. Ask IPS is also showing
  16. Think it will likely get a lot more bug bashing over here
  17. ​I thought you had been here a while Tom? LOL
  18. I got contributor section now just not client..... You guys having fun? LOL
  19. Will enjoy spending more time on this side now I like 4.0 better
  20. Contributor section seems to be missing also. Looks like the permissions have not yest been set up correctly at a guess. Im sure the guys will know about it already.
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