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  1. I think it should be released on Christmas day... Would be interesting to see how many people on here were single by new year LOL
  2. Eagerly awaiting Beta 3 (and weekend)

  3. Im assuming this was a test database you were trying to upgrade and not your live one?
  4. I must admit its very rare I ever want to paste with the formatting intact
  5. In which case would post it in the bug tracker.this way they can squash it (the bug)
  6. Posts are all there. Just not calculated correctly. It's been posted up as bug.
  7. ​Can you not just click on the trash can icon? Or am I not understanding correctly?
  8. ​This exactly .... Would certainly not want to keep the original at all, as wouldnt many people I wouldnt think as the primary reason for most is the saving of space
  9. ​Thanks Brandon. Seems I couldnt find that the other day due to losing my mind LOL
  10. Oddly I cant find the size setting for thumbnails either. And whats more I know it was there as Ive used it LOL. There is a link if you search thumbnails but has an error when you click it so wondering if this is the item Im looking for and there is just an issue somewhere. Will do some more digging
  11. ​the confusion here is that the thumbnail size is simply set high on this forum. My screenshot about was from one of the previews before even beta as didn't have access to any other from work. I will do some decent explaination when i get home and hopefully clear some bits up for people.
  12. ​Yes its an FTP screenshot of the thumbnail created from an attachment to a post in IPS4. Elaborate? Yes, of course. See the screenshot below. Pointing at the image you get the location it is pointing to which is the full image Inspect however the image on the page (mine are intentionally that big btw) you see it points to the thumbnail image I answered in such a manor as I was completely dismissed by yourself without even so much as asking what made me think they are already there or anything. It was a simple "No, no they are not" which I found quite condescending. The issue people are having isnt that there are no thumbnails, its that they cannot set the max size of an image and have IPS resize the image and compress before it is saved. The full image, not the thumbnail. The thumbnail image resizing and compression already exists.
  13. ​This is incorrect. Thumbnails are produced.
  14. ​Agreed .. just needs lining up Not a big deal by any means, I can do it myself. Just thought it looked better
  15. I agree with others regarding the automatic resizing and compression of images when they are uploaded. The main problem that I have (and I believe many others will also) is that the users on my forum are not nessesarily technical people. Therefore with the bringing out of higher and higher resolution images just from phones alone it simply means many users cant upload pictures as they just dont know how to resize them on the computer before trying to upload them. Therefore I want to be able to unrestrict the file size that is allowable on my forum without adding an unbelievably hugh amount of bandwidth. The only way I can see to do this would be for it to rescale and compress images to a compression ratio and maximum scale that I set within the admin CP. This is something I believe would be extremely powerful as a setting and we know you guys can do it because your geniouses As Lindy already pointed out they didnt say no to it
  16. Thats generally what I do to be honest, but I know its used on other pages where the title is actually useful as I end up with it only being suppressed on the forum home page myself.
  17. Hi Guys, Something very small which I change each and every time I skin the forum which I think would be worth doing on the default skin. The sidebar never seems to look like its uniform and can see why, its just because of what elements its lined up with. Any chance you could have it in line with the top forum on the main page as I think it would look a lot neater.
  18. ​If it makes you feel any better, your not the only one fighting to get your head around it LMAO
  19. Seems to be getting there Looking forward to beta 3 now. Hopefully will be able to get an upgrade run and test against my current install.
  20. ​This is exactly my thoughts on it. I wont use it myself, nor do I believe anyone who is familiar with forums will use it. However Im hoping it may remove the "I dont know how to do it" question from people who dont even yet know what a forum is.
  21. ​Might want to go and read the original post then as it doesnt it just says its a pain. I have to agree I love to be able to click a button with my mouse and it skip me back to the top if the page. Also the preview on mobile doesnt have to be something like the quote button.
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