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  1. BIgnat


    From here: https://invisioncommunity.com/legal/standards/ 'Limited support' doesn't mean a lack of support. The only thing I asked is just to look at the case and say what's wrong with the configuration under LiteSpeed.
  2. BIgnat


    Just an amazing answer for the support:
  3. BIgnat


    Indeed! They have amazing support at LiquidWeb, so I can ask them to apply or install something that IBP requires.
  4. BIgnat


    Thanks! I've just done so (#1031356).
  5. BIgnat


    Thanks for the answer! Yes, I've got these in my .htaccess. However, I can't apply some settings for Cache Policy because I don't see them here:
  6. BIgnat


    @Steph40 As I see, all urls have this: '&csrfKey='. Do you have something in the LiteSpeed settings to avoid caching these urls?
  7. BIgnat


    I'm on the paid LiteSpeed I've just checked, I have the same in my .htaccess By the way, I asked the support of Invision Community and they answered that "litespeed has known issues with some areas of PHP7 unfortunately. We support only apache based environments, so we can provided only limited support in these instances." So that's a reason a opened this topic 🙂
  8. BIgnat


    Thanks, but it seems like that's a different case because I unsuccessfully tried to login even in an 'incognito mode' in both Safari and Chrome. I might be wrong but it seems like there's something with caching like described here https://plugins.craftcms.com/lite-speed-cache LiteSpeed has an instruction for IPB https://www.litespeedtech.com/support/wiki/doku.php/litespeed_wiki:cache:no-plugin-ip-board but it's for 3.1 and this article was deprecated
  9. Hello, I tried to move to LiteSpeed from Apache, but IPB 4.4 doesn't work properly. I simply can't login into the board and ACP because of an error 2S199/1 (CSRF keys don't match). Does anybody know, how to fix this?
  10. Hello! Yes, there's an edited file:
  11. Hello! I've done this, but now a message appears in all topics, not only in the selected forum.
  12. Thank you so much! Also, there's another issue. When the main page is loading, this happens for very very short period of time:
  13. Hello! After updating to 4.1.14 I've got this issue:
  14. I haven't added a widget. So, I've just set a forum in the settings: Then, I can see the message on this forum: But also I can see it on the main page as well:
  15. Спасибо! :))))) Thank you so much!!! It's very useful tip! Now it's really better))
  16. Hello! I've just bought this app and there's an issue. I set to show a message in a particular forum, but I also can see this message on the main page. Is it a bug? Is it possible to short messages only on selected forums?
  17. You're right )) I could see 20 private messages without scrolling in IPB 3.4, but now just 5, so I have to scroll. It's very, very annoying when you have about 20-30 new PM during the day.
  18. Don't distort the facts, please. The new messenger is very different and it's good for someone, who has just a few conversations. I have a lot of them... I could see 20 conversations on the screen, but now I can see just five. So, it's really bad for work, cause I need to scroll all time. It's really drive me crazy...
  19. I upgrade my forum to IPS 4 last week. I like everything, but I really hate the messenger.... It doesn't need to be like FaceBook one, because it isn't a chat, it's more like an email client... I have more than 2500 PM on my inbox. Now, there's a little hell when I'm trying to find the right message. It sounds crazy, but I have to use the PM Viewer app to find a message I need, then I copy an ID... It's very crazy and annoying. I don't need to messenger like a Facebook for chatting, I need one like Gmail. So, I just have to pay money for a developer to have an app to replace this absolutely rubbish messenger in IPS4. Why I need to pay to a developer? Because I really can't work now. Thanks IPS.
  20. Mike, could you give me your skype? Also I need some changes in the app, so it will be better chatting in skype not in the topic.
  21. It doesn't work... I still can't see a features video block... Futhermore, I have bugs... 1. When users try to use mobile skin they see a error on the white page: Fatal error: Call to a member function portalIndex() on a non-object in/usr/www/users/tradee/admin/applications_addon/other/videos/modules_public/display/index.php on line 376 2. Moreover, users can't see the page /index.php?app=videos I, like an admin, and guests can, but users can't... Fatal error: Call to a member function menu() on a non-object in /usr/www/users/tradee/admin/applications_addon/other/videos/sources/functions.php on line 83
  22. Thank you a lot Mike! I've just installed the app but there isn't a featured videos bloc on the portal page. Could you tell me, how can I mark a video like featured?
  23. Hello Mike, I've bought your Video System. It looks awesome. As I see on the support topic there are some bugs. Could you tell me when the new version is going to be realised? I haven't installed the current realise and I've been waiting for a new one. Best wishes, Ignat
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