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  1. Turns out I had some language file issues with IPB itself. Refreshed the language files and everything is now sorted 🙂
  2. @puffysticks. I downloaded the latest version after purchasing if you mean your plugin. If you mean forum, that is also the latest version available for download.
  3. Hi @puffysticks. I just purchased the plugin and I'm seeing this: I'm not seeing this area properly, is there something I can do to fix this? When I hit Save Settings it doesn't display the the widget.
  4. If that bug relates to changing the friendly URL in the forum software (Outside of Clubs Enhanced), then I'm not seeing any errors on my forum because I've already changed /clubs/ to /clans/. I'm just wondering if Clubs Enhanced specifically supports friendly URLs before I purchase.
  5. Could I get a definite answer to my question please? I've been waiting on a response to buy for a few weeks now ?
  6. So just to verify, modified friendly URLs e.g. /clubs/ to /clans/ , will this be okay with Club Enhancements? As soon as I get a clear answer I'll go ahead and buy ?
  7. Just a quick question, if I've changed the language on my board (Through the Admin area) so that "clubs" is now "clans" and the URL is /clans/, this won't break this application/plugin will it? About to purchase but wanted to check first.
    Works really well and the developer releases fixes immediately, couldn't ask for more really.
  8. Awesome, everything seems to be fixed ? ! Thank you very much for making this and for providing a new version so quickly.
  9. Odd, I don't see that at all on my Discord Login Handler page. It looks slightly broken as you can see from my above screenshot. I've added https://arcadia.gg/oauth/callback/ as the Redirect URL and it works great now, thank you ? Quick question though, do you always have to connect to Discord and see the below message every time? Every time I login with Discord, it brings this up even though I've connected my account each time it asks.
  10. No worries, it's not urgent ? I'm unfamiliar with redirect url whitelisting, could you explain this bit? Do I also need to set anything special once I make the Discord App? I just revealed the secret, copied that and copied the client ID. It's also worth pointing out this is the first time I've set anything that uses alternative logins, is there something else I might be missing? I didn't see anything in the IPS docs. I also get the error when I try and link my current forum account to Discord. Also I thought it'd be worth pointing these out too: 1) When you
  11. Thank you for creating this, it will be very useful in my community. I've run through all the steps, made the Discord app, got the key, secret etc and entered everything... however when users click Sign Up, click the Discord link, they get UNKNOWN_ERROR on Discord. Is this a known problem or just us? The forum is a week old with the latest version of IPS. We're over at https://www.arcadia.gg if you'd like to test, I can delete your account afterwards.
  12. SiLink


    Thanks @InvisionHQ ! Also I wondered, is there a way to display all awards without using categories? Perhaps if someone only had one category and very few awards?
  13. SiLink


    Damn, that's a shame.
  14. SiLink


    Very close to purchasing this, just need to know if you can stack awards? Probably a stupid question but I couldn't find any answers in the file description.
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