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  1. Does 3d tags cloud with the most recent version of IP? Thanks!

  2. Classifieds System

    Ok. And what about escrow system? It will protect buyers from non legit vendors
  3. Classifieds System

    also can you display total quantity? For an example when i create new listing i should type quantity i have. For an example 10. But after listing created, there is now info about total quanity i have. I can only count by arrows. Can you please make like this: http://prntscr.com/e7b5no
  4. Classifieds System

    Hi again Can you make escrow system inside? i will pay for it privatly
  5. Classifieds System

    yeah ive did that. but when i create new listing, set 5 pcs for an example. Login from other user and try to buy 5 pcs, only 1 pcs deducted, idk why. But i didnt connect gateway Is this problem will be solve, if i connect payment gateway? And user can buy all of items, if he selected 5 pcs
  6. Classifieds System

    so basically, if transactions enabled, i or anyone else, who allowed to create new listing, can put any quantity in this listing? i mean quntity will be shown bellow title, type, package fields, when you create new listing? thanks
  7. Classifieds System

    but if a buyer wants to buy 20 at the first time? for now its possible only to buy 1, and after that, as you told, 9 more.
  8. Classifieds System

    hi is it possible to add quantity for a created listings? for an example. i have 10 apples, i create listing set price for a 1 apple and put quantity i have, so buyer can order 1 apple or all of them, so price will be recalculated thanks
  9. Read your messages and FIX THE BLOCKCHAIN PLUGIN. 

    1. DanLemX


      I agree, I just paid for this inoperative plugin.  Trying to make it work myself, but shouldn't have to after paying for something that is supposed to work.

  10. Hello can you check pm please i need fix and update on module gate2shop


  11. Recent Topics - great plugin. Works fine, but I have one problem. I put in 15 topics to show, every 15 seconds. After 15 seconds amount of the topics are 5 and those are not the latest 5 ... did I understand the plugin in the wrong way?

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    2. marlin


      Do you also have the issue with loading/updating the rows?

    3. mdmx


      Hi guys, please be patient, we have a big order on the application. We do not have time. Soon, very soon you will get a working plug-ins and applications. Thank you for your patience.

    4. JohnCourt


      @marlin I purchased the Scroll up and Scroll down plugin, beautiful plugin, but the menu needs work.

  12. mdmx, I purchased your Scroll up and Scroll down, and I love it, but I have one question, is it possible to make the menu items appear vertically? Right now, I have to increase the width of the menu very wide in order to accommodate the menu items, the menu is only horizontal at this point.


    1. JohnCourt


      Hey mdmx, you out there!:thumbsup:

  13. Best Answer on Discussions Forum

    I noticed an error due to this plugin. Go to the panel moderator And get this error I fixed the following way if( $class == 'IPS\forums\Topic' ) Replaced by if( $class == 'IPS\forums\Topic' && \IPS\Request::i()->id )
  14. Download: (P33) Server List

    JayGman Comment out if(!function_exists('bzdecompress')) { throw new GameQException('Bzip2 is not installed. See http://www.php.net/manual/en/book.bzip2.php for more info.', 0); return FALSE; If you have your own server, you can download the bzip library