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  1. +1 I fully support the post above, this setting should be out of the box We do not use the Gallery app because of this.
  2. @Joey_M I think it should be enabled by default.
  3. Currently it is not included in the Topic Feed widget, maybe it will appear in version 4.4?
  4. @Fity Search google for any timer and paste through the blocks.
  5. We tried to do it on MAMP PRO and it works fine.
  6. Sorry for the trouble, I was inattentive.
  7. Hi @Adriano Faria if possible make support for 4.3
  8. It seems to me that it's easier to add allowed email
  9. Does 3d tags cloud with the most recent version of IP? Thanks!

  10. Ok. And what about escrow system? It will protect buyers from non legit vendors
  11. also can you display total quantity? For an example when i create new listing i should type quantity i have. For an example 10. But after listing created, there is now info about total quanity i have. I can only count by arrows. Can you please make like this: http://prntscr.com/e7b5no
  12. Hi again Can you make escrow system inside? i will pay for it privatly
  13. yeah ive did that. but when i create new listing, set 5 pcs for an example. Login from other user and try to buy 5 pcs, only 1 pcs deducted, idk why. But i didnt connect gateway Is this problem will be solve, if i connect payment gateway? And user can buy all of items, if he selected 5 pcs
  14. so basically, if transactions enabled, i or anyone else, who allowed to create new listing, can put any quantity in this listing? i mean quntity will be shown bellow title, type, package fields, when you create new listing? thanks
  15. but if a buyer wants to buy 20 at the first time? for now its possible only to buy 1, and after that, as you told, 9 more.
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