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  1. Hello, still facing a small bug: when a member redeems an Item from the My Products page he gets dark screen and it stays like that. After refreashing the page the product has been used, but he has to refreash the page to get out of the dark screen. Also, I have a bug with displaying the products pictures: it displays their real size and not making them to the format of the images. It also happens at the catergories sections (this is the main shop page).
  2. why don`t you answer me. I don`t understand \:
  3. please respond, thanks in advance.
  4. please fix the dark screen after redeeming an item from my products. if you could add re stock in the next update it will be very helpful! Also. a question - is it possible to make a group/user with manager permissions (like buying for free in the store) to send points without it being reduced from his points? (Like award points in the ACP. but he doesn`t have access to ACP).
  5. hello, just bumping it so it wont be forgotten 🙂
  6. works, thanks. but it still stays on `dark screen` when they redeem it from the "My Products" menu. using a table there. all of my requests and bugs were fixed 🙂 just this small thing now ^ and please add auto-restock.
  7. this still happenning, when he buys & redeems it is stuck at the processing... window (after updating to 2.0.0) when he buys and saves and then redeems he gets the same error as before (something went wrong. please try again) this is my last message (removed all stuff that were fixed 🙂) please help about notifications, I don`t get it at the ACP at all. I believe it happens because when a member uses his custom item its just stuck on processing or `something went wrong. please try again`. maybe it`s stuck because of the ACP notification? I don`t know, throwi
  8. yeah we had that block before was very comfortable but it was gone. does it still exists just not at my forum? :X I was wrong here! I had a very old view at the My Products page. checked it out and it caused it. Now works good. other stuff is the same though. thank mate
  9. awesome 🙂 OK ok. but the current ones doesn`t work at all. you were right 🙂 awesome work at the categories, I like it. grid for shop (15 per page) and table for my items (10 per page) at both I am facing the same. One more small thing - when a member tries to use a change username from his product it just does a black background with no option to change the username. from the shop (buy & use) it works perfectly.
  10. Automatic Restock - please add it. thought it will be added at next update :x In stock bug - when an item has 99 in stock - it shows that the stock is empty. Still can buy though. still happenning. Cool-down - not working, when I set it - it doesn`t do anything. works like a charm now, awesome 🙂 ACP Logs - when I award someone with points via the ACP it doesn`t write it anywhere. please add a log to it at Send Points or at Admin Logs. seen you added it to the logs of the members shop 🙂 thanks! Notification - the notification when a member buys a custom item doesn`t exis
  11. hey. seen you uploaded an update but I am still facing the same bug at the 'Weekly' section only. Also, at the 'All Times' the amount of posts of some members is higher or lower then the 'Content Count' of that member, how is that happening? Thanks!
  12. by the way, forgot to mention it. when a member buys a custom item he gets an error message (the purchase still catches in). why is that happening ?
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