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  1. Hi, Does anyone have this working on 3.3.4 ? Thanks,
  2. Hi, OK going off to test now...
  3. Hi, We have recently purchased this and installed it. A member has submitted 2 links and when going in to the moderation queue and clicking approve the following error (minus my server info) has appeared. Warning: Missing argument 2 for linksFollow::sendNotification(), called in /usr/www/xxxxxxxxxxxx.com/forums/admin/applications_addon/other/links/sources/classLinks.php on line 180 and defined in /usr/www/virtual/xxxxx.com/forums/admin/applications_addon/other/links/sources/classWatchedContent.php on line 203 On clicking back and retrying to approve the link it goes through without the error the second time.
  4. Hi, I would like to import the rss for the newsfeed into one of my blogs. Is it possible to do this and if so, where would I turn it on - grab the feed url etc? Many thanks
  5. Unlucky


    Hi, Would it be possible to add the ability to add image attachments when someone is posting a new news topic to their team? Thanks,
  6. Hi, For some reason, some (not all) of the movies being uploaded are showing dates such as "01 January 1970 - 12:58" in the recent movies block I am not particualy bothered about having this timestamp so were can I delete the code so it does not show at all? Many than ks
  7. Hi, We do not want to appear disrespectful but we hope we have been patient as we have given you access to our server now since the 10 Sept 2012 We really cannot leave this access to our server open any longer if you are not going to try to solve the problem We will give you another 7 days to test then have to pull the access as I am sure you can appreciate we have put alot of trust in you giving you this access for so long. If you still don't have the time can we reluctantly request a refund please? Many thanks
  8. Hi, I can confirm I have had to disable it too following the gallery 5 upgrade
  9. Unlucky

    News Block

    Hi, Also just noticed although I downloaded1.4.1 i am getting other peoples profile when clicking the users profile in the post
  10. Unlucky

    News Block

    Hi, just purchased this and it looks good. Guests can view our forums, read our posts but to see pictures they need to login. At the moment the block is showing those pics so we would either like to remove the pictures or just show the file name like in the forums to entice the guest to register. Can you help with that? Many thanks
  11. Hi, I did email you the other day to let you know but not sure if you got it. That lastest skin did not fix the groups non clickable area problems
  12. Sorry Apologies - I meant IPdownloads NOT ipcontent
  13. Hi, Is there something we can do to improve security / stop rippers pulling down the streaming movie files from the uploads folder? For ipcontent we have our movies in a non web accessable area And now IPgallery 5 is out we plan to get those protected aswell by moving them. So just wondered if we can do something similar for our streaming movies or add something to the uploads folder to stop them being ripped.
  14. Hi, Just checking if you got the PM with the access details I sent over the other day? Let me know if you have any problems
  15. Hi, I will pm you access details to one of my sites. It's not the exact one we saw the problem on but is configured in the same way with the same plugins etc. It's just that the other one always has several hunded members and guests online whereas this one has alot less usage so you can have more time with the module enabled to test etc. Do you want me to install your plugin on it now or can you do that when ready to troubleshoot?
  16. Hi, We just purchased it today and have the exact same problem with IP content - everything was completely messed up and we have had to uninstall it to get everything back to normal. Love the idea of this mod and would love a fix for IPcontent
  17. Hi, OK I am going to fill in the topic format on description field. This is the example {key}: {value} So I know what key to put in there, but what needs to go in the value bit? media_desc: {????} many thanks
  18. When using the search members within the group we get:a Driver Error There appears to be an error with the database.
  19. ok sent via your contact page on your website
  20. Hi, Sure Sending it through PM as its an adult related site
  21. Hi the hyperlink "click here to view this media link" works fine and goes to the correct page. Its just the text info about the filename we want removed from being posted Just checked the topic format field and it was already empty.
  22. Hi, I have it set to post a new topic in our movie forum when someone adds a new movie. But it is posting the filename in the post aswell as the click here to view this media link. How do we stop info such as 8e27ee28029fc2aab947a2a246f20665.wmv being included? Many thanks
  23. Hi, We run(RSyvarth) Social Groups And have just switched it back on following upgrading the software and installing this skin everything works fine in the detault IPB skin but if a user tries to click to enter forums in the group discussion forums nothing is clickable at all on the page I have tried rechaching the skin but no luck
  24. Hi, I have setup everything and added a wmv video media tag and a flv video file media tag I seem to have a problem with the thumb not appearing and the description appears behind the video play area as in this screenshot. The thumbs do appear ok down the left hand panel in the various sections, just not here. I get the same problem in my custom skin and also the default IPB one Any ideas?
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