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  1. Yup, that did the trick. Thanks!
  2. Ok, I've done that. We'll see what happens.
  3. This? communitymap_markers_groups.sql
  4. Table structure for table communitymap_markers_groups Column Type Null Default group_id mediumint(9) No group_name varchar(150) No group_pin_colour varchar(7) No group_pin_bg_colour varchar(15) No group_pin_icon varchar(30) No group_name_seo varchar(255) Yes NULL group_protected tinyint(4) No 0 group_type varchar(10) No custom group_last_marker_id int(11) No 0 group_last_marker_date int(11) No 0 group_position int(11) No 1 group_moderate tinyint(4) No 0 group_queued_items mediumint(9) No 0 group_comment_moderate tinyint(4) No 0 group_allow_comments tinyint(4) Yes 0 group_allow_reviews tinyint(4) Yes 0 group_review_moderate tinyint(4) No 0 group_customfields text Yes NULL group_layout_grid tinyint(4) No 0 group_layout_image smallint(6) Yes NULL group_popupfields text Yes NULL Dumping data for table communitymap_markers_groups 1 Members #FFFFFF darkblue fa-user members 1 member 2168 1629004586 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 NULL markerData-location,markerData-description_truncated
  5. So the "fix" is to disable the error message? What if I need that for other error messages? How about we fix the issue that's throwing the error?
  6. I'm getting a ton of "Field doesn't exist" errors. Everything otherwise is working fine. What could be causing this error?
  7. When you click the share icon on a post, the links under "Share on other sites" to twitter, reddit, and pinterest are http, not https. The rest are https. They should all be https.
  8. Is there an answer for this - other than a snarky "test it"?
  9. Problem: Users are returning to older posts and adding YouTube videos that are against community standards/policies. This tactic is being used by spammers as well. Currently, you cannot search for, or filter search results by, posts with embedded youtube videos. there is not a current avenue to search for posts with YouTube embed videos in them. Embeds, images, and other media get removed from the search index. I've searched multiple ways for "youtube.com" and "youtu.be", but all I find are posts with LINKS to youtube pages/videos, not post with the videos embedded in them. Therefore, it's impossible to find these inappropriate and/or spam videos unless a member brings it to our attention. Solution: Provide a way in advanced search to include embedded media and/or filter search results to include/exclude posts with embedded Youtube videos. Even better: allow the ability to search for posts that ONLY contain embedded YouTube videos. Perhaps make this feature available only to admins and moderators (group permissions)? This would allow us to find and remove spam and inappropriate videos.
  10. Well, I see "Community Map" was installed separately from"Member Map". When I went into "Community Map" in the ACP, I was prompted to transfer all the markers from "Member Map" into "Communty Map", which I did. It ran the process, and then gave the same error again about not having a default value (the same one you said you fixed). I then went the public /communitymap/ URL and got this lovely error: Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX1364 This error was probably caused by application Community Map. If the issue persists, disable it and contact the author for further assistance
  11. Just tried installing it again, and got this error: btw, I've been using this for years, so this is an upgrade.
  12. Just tried installing it on 4.5, and got the following error: So it failed. Thoughts?
  13. Unique, unidentifiable/untraceable email addresses PER FORUM. Sounds like a spammer's dream.
  14. For new members, I'd like to prohibit them from posting links until they have at least (variable number) posts. This will help discourage spammers. I thought IPS had that feature a few years ago, but it seems to have been dropped. Please bring it back. Yep, I'm fully aware of the other anti-spam features in IPS, and I use them. But there's nothing at all like this. Think of it as a "backstop" in case a spammer slips by the other features, which seems to be happening with increasing regularity, despite changing the QA response often.
  15. The article does a decent job of outlining what you should measure and why, it falls short of explaining how. First it says, "Invision Community ships with a powerful set of Statistics in the ACP that cover every application." followed by "The ACP won't have all of the fine-grained filtering or data reporting that you may need. " without explaining how to bridge that gap. Not too helpful there.
  16. Sooo, the powers-that-be decided to disable it without any way to turn it on without adding a 3rd party plug-in? How lame is that?
  17. Looks like I stumped the band. Nobody knows.
  18. I'm getting a lot, a lot, A LOT of complaints about this! Lost a few members because of it.
  19. Ah, ok. Figured it out. I was trying to do it on a banned account, which that option is not available.
  20. Upgraded to 4.3, and now the "log in as user" feature seems to be missing. Was it removed?
  21. After upgrading to the most recent version, I noticed the "Profile visits" is turned off by default now. Problem is, I can't find anywhere a setting to turn it back on. Any ideas?
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