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  1. I mean to imply we had just upgraded from 3.4 to 4.0 and sought this hook as a direct replacement for the 3.4 version.
  2. I hate to be that guy who says +1, but this was purchased for a newly upgraded from 3.4 forum and immediately started showing members my username and topic names in private forums that they didn't have access to.
  3. You're stuck with in a redirect loop with the system as it's possible to register accounts without an email, which will then prompt IPB to ask for an email from the user. All you need to do is check for the existence of an email in your tosCheck.php hook before attempting to redirect. Updating line 9 to the following resolved it for me: if ( \IPS\Settings::i()->tos_enabled AND \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id AND \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->email AND $this->controllerLocation === 'front' AND !\IPS\Request::i()->isAjax() )
  4. ​ ​ Hey There!​ Sorry for the wait, especially for how long it actually took me to get around to uploading it on the marketplace here. You can find the IPB 4 version here.
  5. Version 3.0.0


    This application will allow users to sign into your forum through the steam open id authentication system. Existing users can link their steam accounts in the members control panel. Additional Features: Syncing of a users profile picture from their steam account Registration will pull in a users username from their Display Name in steam. If you want a deeper integration with Steam, I suggest you checkout @Aiwa's Steam Profile Integration. VERSION 3.0.0 IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH INVISION COMMUNITY SUITE 4.0 - 4.2. THE LAST COMPATIBLE VERSION IS 2.0.4. This project is open source, you can find the GitHub repository here. Special thanks to @MADMAN32395 for providing dev and tech support. ❤️ Special thanks to @Aiwa for helping with the migration code. ❤️
  6. It does work on 3.4.7, ditto for the 4.0 version. I do have a working prototype for it already but I haven't worked on it since beta 2 was released.​
  7. ​I fail to see how this is a client problem that can be solved with a forum upgrade? Surely this is just applying a SSL certificate to the server, there's a whole bunch of wildcard certs you can pick up and install for cheap.
  8. ​What news specifically are you looking for?
  9. The file hasn't been updated to reflect any changes discussed so far. Google Login is vanilla functionality in 4.0.0, so this plugin will not be needed in IPS 4
  10. What issue are you having?
  11. That is most definitely not the problem, did you by anychance test without your forums member sign in required on?
  12. Can confirm, could you post the order of what your login methods are in? If steam is at the top, move it down and make sure that the default one is up there instead.
  13. Could you post/pm me with your board url?
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