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  1. Thank you so much Nathan! I've went ahead and edited in the posts and topics! I'm still not seeing the author everywhere fx on their profile i can't see their posts, or in the latest topics and main forum board. The author do appear now when you're reading the post, so that works so far so good :)! Just had to wait for a little while. WUHUUUUU!
  2. Hello Nathan, thank you for replying to my post. Obviously we're only talking about a total of 4 posts which is absolutely nothing, but i still wish to regain the context of the users + i'd like to learn how to deal with this in the future. The time it takes is no real concern. I just aren't fully aware of how to do this step by step. Oh and, it's only topics for now i need them to regain :).
  3. Hello, I wanted to delete validating users, so i sorted them by validating and went to delete the first one. Then without noticing it went back to the regular "latest user" sort, and i started spam deleting newly created users. I ended up deleting 4 users (which i all got contact to now). I wish to get these users back. I found a post that seemed useful but i could not get it to work: http://coreyjmahler.com/2013/05/29/restore-deleted-ip-board-user/ I then noticed that there is a Merge user option, but i cannot find the "Guest" user. I can get all the deleted users to re-create their accounts, that's not a problem. I just wish their posts etc to be located back to the real author. Also, i use Display name instead of Username! Can someone help me out?
  4. Could this be used to store guides? And restrict it for the main purpose of having guides only? Could this be used to store guides? And restrict it for the main purpose of having guides only?
  5. I would be VERY interested in steam plugins/addons to IPB.. the more the better! I am more than willing to pay for them when you make them.
  6. Hello, i've bought your skinset "Aktolia" and i love it! Though there are some bids that needs to be looked at. The most important one (for me) is the slider images scaling. Depending on how big your browser window or screen is the image will be scaled and look really really unprofessional. Would it be possible to change it so it will just crop the picture when it's getting rezised? Also a personal question. Could you assist me on where in the code i can change the color or remove the pink border on the places i have marked in the picture? Thank you.
  7. Hello! Just bought your slider plugin for the IPB! Unorfutally im a bit blank on installation instructions, well i did it all apart from the block_ip_content_slider... atleast the last step i did not understand. Could you assist me with a detailed instruction on that one? Thanks!
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