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  1. I have database articles, example: https://hoitajat.net/ajankohtaista/asiakasv%C3%A4kivallan-kasvu-n%C3%A4kyy-my%C3%B6s-taysin-sairaaloissa-r917/ Title is: Asiakasväkivallan kasvu näkyy myös Taysin sairaaloissa html < title > is <title>Hoitajamitoitus ei ehdi eduskuntaan tänä vuonna - Hoitajat.net – hoitajan asialla jo vuodesta 2002 - Hoitajat.Net</title> How do i remove that last part from < title > ?
  2. Is it possible to disable Facebook profile image import when registering?
  3. I know, its differend tag
  4. {file="$record->_record_image_thumb" extension="cms_Records"} ? edit: not working
  5. I wanna ad this to articles meta property="og:image:url" content="ARTICLE IMAGE" /> What is code for that image path?
  6. Thanks. I have very little edits, so that is perfect. Thanks!
  7. Is it safe to use master skin as parent? Is there tutorial about sub themes? What parent actually means?
  8. This is a reason i dont create bug reports anymore. Its allways feature or users fault.
  9. I did, but i thought it was feature and closed ticket
  10. So 1. enable Post before registering 2. Try it with one post, do not complete registering 3. Register page shows that text. Even if you disable that feature 4. text goes away only if you clear cookies
  11. If i enable that feature in one forum, our register page is allways like this: User comes to site. Clicks Register. Gets text "Thanks for your submission. Before your content can be seen by other members, we need to create an account for you.". What submission? That text should be there only if post before register, not allways, right? Please dont tell me this is a feature,
  12. It feels now its broken.
  13. It doesnt do that. Default skin. Whaaat? Rediculous.
  14. Upgraded to latest version. If i hit mark site read, i have to manually reload page to topics clear. Known bug?
  15. Ah, i have to disable guest posting, then it should work
  16. No matter what setting i choose, it doesnt change anything. Visitor can post like before.
  17. Theme isnt outdated. No customizations in our friendly URL settings edit: Fixed. I never touched friendy urls, but there was revert button to default settings. That worked.
  18. Not in my site. IS this setting ? https://hoitajat.net/forums/topic/50664-lisää-miehiä-alalle-kiitos/?page=2
  19. Ah, CSS. I think i got it. Thanks 🙂
  20. How do i remove that without upgrading? Im going to waite 4.4.1
  21. Owdy


    Bingo! Thanks 🙂
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