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  1. Owdy


    Weird, i dont see that "Deleted content"
  2. Owdy


    True. In SMF, it does that automaticly. You can set up Trash board, where all deleted posts go
  3. Owdy


    Is it possible to have trash bin where all deleted posts go?
  4. Our members using Google login are happy to see that they cant login anymore in February 15
  5. i really like to use this in 4.3. Does anyone know how to enable Google Identity API?
  6. Now Adsense says they got Unknown error in page /discover/unread/
  7. In /online/ seems it doesnt crawl anyting
  8. Google logs in, but i never see ads in /discover/unread/
  9. Impossible, there are about 1000-2000 topics.
  10. In Adsense settings, you give restrictrect url, like discover/unread. How about other urls? I have member areas, where are tons of topics etc. How crawler know it needs to be logged in in those areas?
  11. I get parse errors with that. Can you show exatly how to edit Login.php? @Sonya* edit: got it.
  12. Anyone? SQl quoery? 🙂
  13. Is there any solution to this?
  14. This is best solution: Zero spam after isntalled that.
  15. Screenshot from article. Is there way to remove hyphenation from title? EDIT LOL Got it
  16. Well, not to me 😕 if remove that ad from under comments, it works
  17. I have set my database record template max-width:1100px. If i put Adsense in bottom of that page, it somehow turns that to max-width:728px. How is that possible? It happends totally random, sometimes it is 1100, sometimes 728. If i remove that max-width OR adsense from bottom, it works like it should. Try this: https://hoitajat.net/ajankohtaista/suomalaiselle-lähihoitajalle-pronssia-ammattitaidon-em-kisoissa-r684/ and https://hoitajat.net/ajankohtaista/hpv-rokotteeseen-ei-enää-kysytä-vanhemmilta-erillistä-lupaa-r685/ correct display: 728
  18. IPB has a bug when user registers via Facebook, it imports Facbook cover image, even when its disabled in ACP. Is there way to remove them with sql query or something?
  19. I dont know. They have a Forum, you should ask them 🙂
  20. Yep, just like with Ad sense.
  21. If you create HTML banner, you can put anything you like. You put "zone" JS into IPB ad system+ one js code in to template. You need to do that only once. Example 1. Create "Just below the page header" -zone in Revive. It gives you js-code for that (or iframe code) 2. Go to IPB ACP - >"Create new advertisement" -> paste Revive JS, choose "Show the advertisement Just below the page header" (with unlimited impressions) Now you have installed Revive in your header section. Now you can run differend campaings and banners in that zone from Revive. You dont have to do anything in IPB side anymore.
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