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  1. Revive works fine with Adsense. 🙂 https://www.revive-adserver.com/faq/using-google-adsense-with-revive-adserver/ Revive works with IPB just great. You create "zone" in Revive and get js-code to put on IPB AD system. Then you can choose what banners to show on that zone. I created "header" zone, pasted code in ACP ad system and now i cant run several banners in site header from Revive. Creat reports etc. You can create user to customer, so she/he can look statics by himself, order email reports etc.
  2. Google ad manager looks very complicated. I think i install https://www.revive-adserver.com/ , i have used that before.
  3. When customer shows interest to buy ads from our site, they often asks for GA stats, Its really common, not something i "draw". They wanna know how much they get for their money.
  4. Thanks, seems its csrfKey issue indeed. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/368323-adsense-crawler/?do=findComment&comment=2761353
  5. Well, someone posts "I have issue" and someone else reply: "no, its not an issue, you just dont understand, move on". That really doesnt help, you know. It is issue for me. I honestly cant say to customer that she/he got 10x more impressions than GA says whole site got page views. Its rediculous. They think im fraud. If you can, fine. I cant.
  6. Seems its csrfKey now and its changes everytime? <input type="hidden" name="csrfKey" value="c5044f27fd3b835d14ab3f0bfe91fe90">
  7. If you sell ads for customers, you probably understand why this is an issue.
  8. Owdy

    Forum URL

    I think i figured this out. Those urls are from time when forum was outside of root, in /foorumi folder. I fixed this via htacces. Redirect 301 /foorumi/ /forums/
  9. Created ticket about this: "Working like it should, regards, IPB staff". Case closed.
  10. Owdy

    Forum URL

    Looking my error logs and seems some time in past my forum url has changed from /foorumi to /forums. Is there some place i can choose the forum dir/url?
  11. Google Adsense says "You have ad crawler errors, which can result in lost revenue." Fix: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/161351 I created user for that bot, and added it like this Is there something else, because seems crawler doesnt use that?
  12. @bfarber See ticket #1021226. (and this topic)
  13. ^this. I cant say customer that ad got 10 000 impressions, if GA says whole site got only 1000 page views in same time.
  14. Yes, that impression counter in ACP is broken somehow. See ticket #1021226. My case: Timeframe: 10.9-30.9. ACP: Banner got 553719 impressions Google analytics: Whole site got 163 154 page views There are 3 images in my ad, for different platforms. PC, tablet and mobile. What if counter counts (so it a bug) 3 times in every load or something? EDIT: And that banner got only 50% page loads, because there was second banner in that spot same time. So difference is actually even larger.
  15. So GA stats are more accurate to customer. They dont care about bot views or visitors with adblocker.
  16. There is HUGE gap in those. If i sell advertiments, i have to rely on GA stats, i cant say "IPB ACP says you got 10 times more impressions than GA says".
  17. I had 2 banners active 10.9-30.9 in same spot, in header section. ACP says one of them had 553719 impresions in that time. BUT, Google analytics says whole site had 163 154 page views in that time. Something isnt quite right in here. What do i tell to customer about impressions?
  18. Owdy

    Guest spam

    @bfarber, that MOD really should be in under "Community Enhancements" at ACP 😊
  19. Owdy

    Guest spam

    CleanTalk works perfectly. No cacphca in my site, zero spam.
  20. Owdy

    Guest spam

    Is there any false alarms?
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