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  1. Owdy

    Parent skin?

    If i create custom skin with custom css and colours etc, is that wise to use dafault skin as parent?
  2. Ah, seems i cant give rep to guests. Why?
  3. Hello. If i choose parent skin to my custom skin, what that does exactly?
  4. I see that gray heart only in first post in topic at my site. Why?
  5. I copyed default skin. I change colours from setings, some work, some dont. Example Main Nav Bar. If i change that color, it doesnt change in site. Known bug?
  6. Hello Upgraded to 4.2. There are that 4.1 skin "IPS Default - DO NOT CHANGE". Can i remove that now?
  7. Put Image inside to post and Click it
  8. I have Maximum image dimensions to display 1000*750, but when i try to put attached imgae to post, its says max is 284px. Where do i change that? ah, solved. Its that height setting....
  9. Ah, okay, so i can have as many categories i want?
  10. Hmm, i have 2 categories, works fine. What is that warning then?
  11. Weird, that doesnt change font size, but raise the line spacing edit: fixed, thanks! #elCmsPageWrap article .ipsType_normal { font-size: 16px; line-height: 1,5; }
  12. hmmm, nope, didnt change anything
  13. This. How do i set article font size to 16?
  14. No, i mean Post body. https://hoitajat.net/hoitotyo/ajankohtaista/moni-suomalainen-sinnittelee-sairaana-töissä-r506/ When i start post new article, i would like to have font size 16 by default.
  15. I have database articles: https://hoitajat.net/hoitotyo/ajankohtaista/ Is it possible to set default font size to 16 somehow? Just for those database articles, no forum.
  16. Hello. Can you please ad poster ip-feature to article comments? Cant ban spämmer now.
  17. BINGO! How about that task what dont run?
  18. Yes, but that was last run weeks ago. I manually run it, and it hasnt run since "Run automatically with traffic"
  19. every minute since that
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