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  1. Sorry for borrowing this topic Does any one know of a (cheap) mail sending service. We have a community with app. 2500 users and we would like to send a monthly newsletter (2000 subscribers). Otherwise we send out about 50 e-mails per day. All of the services with free tiers I've found have a daily limit for sent e-mail. That wouldn't be a problem, except for the Bulk Email newsletter. All of the paid services usually start at 15$ per month and are in terms of e-mail limit totally over the top for us (40k e-mails). What would you advise we could use?
  2. We have a Wordpress landing page where we post news articles and such and we have an IPS forum for our community discussions. There seems to be a gap between forum content and the news articles so I thought I might import news articles to the forums through an RSS feed so people can comment, discuss... The problem is that I'm not sure if this auto-updates. Does anyone now how often RSS feed import happens? Can anyone suggest another/better way?
  3. I have the same issue as @JohnnyUSA2k3 but @Mike John has been AFK for a month - hasn't replied to anything here or on his website.
  4. @Mike John ? You still around?
  5. Is @Mike John still around? I've opened a TT on April 1st but I did not get a reply from him yet.
  6. These steps were mentioned in the previous posts: While I could find these files I don't know what to change. Is that even necessary anymore? The posts are from 2015 afterall... The problem I have is that some of my image URL got updated and point to the right folder structure (all images in /uploads folder) while other don't display (for example all of the images in the Downloads app and all of my advertisement banners...) Everything seems ok here ....
  7. Thanks, this has fixed the issue i've had! I have a problem with changing paths in settings.xxxxxxxxxx.ipstore and storageConfigurations.xxxxxxxxxx.ipsstore ... I can't find any paths here since everything was in the root folder before an don't know where to add the subfolder. I did manage to edit the sitemap.xml
  8. I'd like to use Wordpress as my landing page and IPS for the forums. I currently have IPS for everything and the installation is in the root folder. So I'd like to move IPS to a subfolder and have Wordpress in the root folder. I tried that but I've had some issues so I've reverted back. When I moved the installation to a subfolder, I changed this: From: 'board_url' => 'https://webpageurl.com/', To: 'board_url' => 'https://webpageurl.com/subfolder', When I land on https://webpageurl.com/ the Wordpress site loads and everything works fine. I then open my IPS site at https://webpageurl.com/subfolder and everything works (well, it bugs me that the licence is not valid...) at first. But then everything I click on - for example Forums at https://webpageurl.com/subfolder/forums it redirects me back to Wordpress. What should I be doing differently? Any help is greatly appreciated since I'm really not knowledgable in these types of things...
  9. B_U_R_I

    News Support

    Is it possible to add the reputation system to the news articles? Comments are already enabled, I'd like to see that in the articles aswell. When I share my articles on social media - the default forum image is displayed as the "headline/preview" image. Is it possible to make social media use the (first) image from the news article?
  10. The amount can be seen in the widget:
  11. How do I hide the ammount that is needed for the goal and only show the percentage? This doesn't seem to work?
  12. Having expiration notifications would be a great addition. I really miss this feature.
  13. Hi, I'm looking to purchase this theme, but I have a few questions beforehand. I've checked out the demo site and I quite like it. I'd also like to be able to test a few settings myself to see what's possible and what's not. Is there a way to test the theme for a couple of days? There is an initial price of 18$ for the theme and 10$ every 6 months (renewal). Does that mean that the theme doesn't work anymore after 6 months If I don't renew or does that just mean you will not give me support for the theme if I don't renew?
  14. +1 I'd like this aswell.
  15. That is really good to hear. It is the only feature this app is missing in my opinion - otherwise you did a great job!
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