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  1. Would it be possible, or maybe it already is. To grant other groups the ability to Manage RSVP Attendees Add or Remove Attendees Change event author Besides just the admins? Thank you!
  2. Would it be possible to make Request RSVP checked on by default?
  3. Would this be possible? We have a event forum and I'd like to allow event leads to change the first post's author with out giving them global admin rights
  4. Could you add or let me know how to add other groups other than the basic 3 (admins, moderators and root admins)
  5. Oh I know that... Just know many of my users don't like change.
  6. The new content Star on my forum I notice it's gone on this forum, figure its going to be gone when 4.1 hits
  7. Anyway we can turn on the old new content button even if its just a link to the activity feed? maybe a mod?
  8. Are these mods up to date? I'm getting errors importing templates and fields. And I can't get topics to generate from the calendar.
  9. We have a few users that sell good that keep our hobby going. It would be great if they could forward just one post to either one of their helpers or to another costumer. Other wise they get more information then they need, and would involve people in others orders/business.
  10. The main concern is all their old PMs are now locked, they can not reply/forward their old PMs. I know they can copy and past them in to new ones, or maybe add the user to the conversations. Maybe a hook could be created to add a forward button?
  11. I'd like to be able to forward one post with in the conversation.
  12. Would it be possible to obtain the old PM system that was in IPB 2.x. We just upgraded, and our users hate the new system. Or at least allow a PM to be forwarded.
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