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  1. On a similar theme (gettit!), what do I need to change in the css to reduce the horizontal padding in the main menu please?
  2. abetts

    Member Map

    Sorry if this has already been asked and answered but 84 pages is a bit much to check through! How can I import markers from a previous version? This is my database... Thanks!
  3. I'm getting this too since using Cloudflare... I'm turned off minifying, anything else which could be causing it?
  4. I migrated from Mandrill to SparkPost yesterday, 5 minute job and looking at the stats, it's sending 3 times as much mail as Mandrill! Weird!!
  5. You take a leat from FB, you have to invite people 1 at a time. Works for 1.5bn people on there. Yes please
  6. It would also be excellent if a calendar event auto-created a topic in a forum that could be chosen when the event is created. I know that the rules app can do this but to make people use the calendar more, this would really help.
  7. Thanks. Although as I pointed out in my post up there, I'm aware of this and have it set to now hide content. If someone with thousands of posts was flagged as a spammer by accident, this would absolutely ruin any forum; trust, continuity etc.
  8. I had this set to stop the member from posting and to delete their content which it has been for several years. Now, if a member is accidentally flagged as a spammer their content is gone, gone for good. One of my moderators accidently flagged a genuine (and important) member as a spammer and now their content is gone with no way whatsoever of restoring it. I've now changed the setting to hid their content but it now means for the 99% of genuine spammers we'll have to remove their posts manually, but it's a safety net that's required. Imagine if someone accidentally flagged a member with thousands of posts as a spammer, that would be a disaster! Bring back 'deleted content' is the answer IMO!
  9. Would it be possible for people to invite other members to an event? Makes lots of sense to me, works for fb!
  10. Tom, can the actual images be served over https? It's giving an 'insecure content' warning on my secure pages. Thanks.
  11. I'm on a dedicated 12 core (4 weeks old!) server and the encrypted version was causing enough of a problem to notice. I can now confirm that the full version has absolutely no impact whatsoever at all on performance and is just great
  12. Sorry, this was slowing my server down too much so I've uninstalled it. Shame as it's the most wonderful piece of software, so useful! I uninstalled it at midnight after a couple of apache/mysql restarts, you can see the difference...
  13. Thanks. I wanted a whizz of the trial and if it's as useful as I expect it to be, I'll buy the full version
  14. I just tried to download the lite version from the marketplace to try this out and 'computer says no'!!
  15. I use Mandrill for all transactional emails and this marketplace item works perfectly to solve your problem... Why don't you want to use Mandrill? Cost? I sent about between 1-2k emails/day and it's not expensive.
  16. If I place the supplied script just before the </body> tag as they suggest it doesn't work! Where is everyone else placing their skimlinks code please?
  17. The simple solution to this is what I've just implemented in 5 mins. I've set up a saved action which is called 'moderator delete' which moves the content to a 'deleted content' forum I created as a sub forum of our moderator forum. I've removed the ability of mods to delete content now so they'll use the new saved action and I can purge that whenever I fancy. So... Create 'recycle bin' type forum visible to mods/admin Create saved action to move content there Remove moderators delete permission
  18. You can, that's right but it starts on big conversation between all recipients, rather than sending a separate message to each one. That's the problem I noted above, when someone replies, everyone gets it. When you're sending a message to 200 people, not everyone needs or wants every single reply. In 3.x.x. you could send people a copy, hence my post.
  19. Have we lost this in 4.x? Our groups used to send a message to many people and they would all be copied rather than included on one big conversation. Now, if there are a large number of people involved and one person replies, everyone gets a notification and copy of the reply. Unhelpful! Is there a way that people can go back to copying in recipients?
  20. From Viglink... So although I'm not getting paid for any of the traffic, it's not free I think I'll go back to Skimlinks!
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