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  1. Do you know where I might find the settings for this please?
  2. It would also be nice if subscriptions auto-renewed. I'm pretty sure this isn't working for me. And a direct debit option, to facilitate this.
  3. Once in a while I go in and delete the spam accounts. Firstly, it would be great to be able to multi-select and delete all. Secondly, something which is of grave concern is that once you delete a spammer account, the member list reverts to 'all' rather than back to the spammers list. I can't imagine a good reason for this and deleted 5 accounts of genuine members before I realised it had done this. Ideally, it needs to stay on the spammers list, although this wouldn't be necessary if my first point was actioned.
  4. Just a few things to make this more useable. Members get notifications as well as emails for invoice renewals Ability to multi-select invoices in the ACP Auto-reissue of invoice after x number of days, people do go on holidays etc. Thanks
  5. abetts

    Member Map

    Worked a treat, thanks. I did have a few more but used that query to get rid of them too.
  6. abetts

    Member Map

    Clustering has done the trick, thanks! The ads were always there, logged in members see a lot less. I don't know why but it's showing 2,100 odd members in Hong Kong and we don't have that many plus a cluster of a similar size all in 1 location in Surrey!
  7. Read that, I comply with everything and by my estimate, they owe me around $1,800.
  8. abetts

    Member Map

    The map page won't load on my site, any ideas what's wrong please? On 3.1.4... https://www.thelotusforums.com/forums/membermap/
  9. I've just enabled Cloudflare (Pro) today and can't edit posts. Everything else is working just fine...
  10. Is there a solution to this please? The images are being pulled from an https website...
  11. I've been running Viglink for some time and have accumulated a decent amount of commission but it's not being paid. I've used their support system and emailed them but they're not getting back to me. Has anyone actually been paid out by them?
  12. I've just swapped by site over to ssl and this is showing as non-https for the images. Is this a cache issue from the RSS feed for now?
  13. abetts

    Member Map

    I don't have 'members' in the settings... using the latest version
  14. PM'd you the details a few days back mate
  15. I'm on 4.1.12, upgraded when it came out on the 25th May.
  16. IPB Support won't fix this for me as it's a third party application. http://www.thelotusforums.com/forums/garage/ Can someone please tell me how to fix it, lots of my images are no longer working. Thanks
  17. Fixed, within the hour, now that's service
  18. Thanks. I'll disable it until you release the next version
  19. Hi - New purchase here! Any reason why this wouldn't be pulling images from my rss feed please? http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheLotusForums It looks like a Scottish Fold, have a google. Got one sat on my desk right now!
  20. Turns out the actual date this all fell off the chart was the 25th May, same day I updated to 4.1.12 (eg the day it was released).
  21. This can't be right... any ideas what's wrong or do I need to log a support issue with Sparkpost?
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