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    Any chance of this, the search really is useful being able to do with those extra fields. thanks!
  2. daunk

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    Also want to confirm @DawPi doing a great job with my fix too. Much appreciated. I seem to remember previously the search was able to work for keyword, and recipient ~(now just subject + sender I think). Is it possible to regain that. Not a problem for those who use the app - but for newcomers it might make sense for the search button to be magnifying glass not a cog, when first using it took me a few minutes to work that one out.
  3. daunk

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    Thanks @DawPi , unfortunately it hasn't fixed my issue, it now starts at -90%(!) and doesn't get beyond this updating to 4.0.0. Is it possible to save the trigger words and then just try from fresh, I am sorry it is proving so tricky, thanks, d
  4. daunk

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    Any idea how long the approval will take? thanks 🙂
  5. daunk

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    Sorry for delay - will message- thanks!
  6. daunk

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    3.1.3 invision is 4.5.2
  7. daunk

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    Thanks - but same problem- except this time it starts at -60%(!) it says Database changes applied for version 4.0.0 but then makes no progress beyond the -60%.
  8. daunk

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    I tried to update from 3.1.3 via marketplace on my AdminCP - but it failed, it starts at -30% and says updating to version 4.0.0 but makes no progress. I am latest version of invision - which may be the problem? Help welcomed thanks!
  9. Have a couple more users now reporting this problem.... can see them resetting the password on ACP - really frustrating for everyone. Must be a bug somewhere? Will try @Genestoy suggestion
  10. Hmm - I stand corrected. Never had an issue with it before. Still the update is in progress message showing on the forums and apparently not ability to get out of it.... super frustrating. But of course the update hasn't actually started and I am unable to do anything until the PHP memory limit is changed.
  11. Argh - same for me. It flags up on system check the following message (which must be a new requirement). Your PHP memory limit is set to 64 MB but should be set to 128M or more. You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for this to be changed. Ok I will contact provider to get this sorted (but it will be a few hours at least), but the forums are now not usable come up with "Update is in progress" message when anyone tries to access. Really not cool. Is there anything that can be done until hosting provider updates the PHP memory limit, so the forum can continue to operate?
  12. I have an issue with a user who says everytime he goes to the forum, it won't let him login. So he resets the password through email, and then logs in. But process repeats the next time he visits the site. I can see all the failed login attempts and then reset password in ACP. I suspected his cookies were keeping an old password saved, but he is adamant that's not the case. Anyway didn't think much more of it, but I've now got another person saying the same thing. Any ideas or suggestions I can give them?
  13. Wow - that was easy - thanks so much Adriano!
  14. I have just installed commerce to list a few products, but I don't wish to use the support feature for now. I have disabled it in ACP>Apps>Permissions but it still appears in navigation - albeit when clicked it says no permission to view it. Is there a different way to disable this part of the commerce app so that it doesn't show in navigation bar at top, as I may want to use it in the future.
  15. Since upgrading to v4 (.2.8) from v 3, some months ago we've been having regular duplicate and triplicate or more topics being posted - they are identical, and don't seem to have a pattern. Initially we wrote it down to fat finger and multiple pressing, but it happens very frequently and even with mods who say they didn't do this. I activated flood control but I believe this only affects posts within topics, as it doesn't appear to have reduced the incidences of these multiple topics. Has anyone else experienced, or have any ideas?
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