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  1. Thank you Paul, I will look at this link, I hope to know how to properly store these IPs under htaccess. Regards, Claude
  2. Can we ban ISP via htaccess? Tel Shenzhen Aosida Communication Co. in Singapore, HUAWEI CLOUDS, ...?
  3. My server loads blocking only valid IPs. Nevertheless I suspect under cPanel that there must be a writing different from mine which would work correctly.
  4. Hello everybody, I want to block a malicious robot, AspiegelBot, on my server, so as not to name it, whose IP address fluctuates over two blocks, as you can see below: 144.119. [160-169] .0 / 255 As you can see there are two ranges, for the third block, the IP varies between 160 and 169, as for the last block, it starts at 0 and apparently ends at 255. Is my writing of the ranges correct? 144.119. [160-169] .0 / 255 Thank you in advance, Best regards, Claude
  5. Merci ABGenc, je viens de m'apercevoir que je pouvais rediriger ma première adresse mail vers la seonde, sans souci, depuis mon panneau CPanel et cela fonctionne. J'héberge mon forum sur un VPS CentOS 7 sous LightSpeed et Cyber Panel 🙂 Thank you ABGenc, I just realized that I could redirect my first email address to the probe, without worry, from my CPanel panel and it works. I host my forum on a CentOS 7 VPS using LightSpeed and Cyber Panel 🙂
  6. Hello, Everything is in the title. In fact, I would like to forward emails from my admin@xxx.com address to a more personal address, that is, to yyy@orange.fr I placed a forwarding on my server but it does not work properly. Under .htaccess, is it possible, maybe a 301 redirect? How do you adjust the configuration in the Email Settings ACP? Thank you in advance, Best regards, Claude
  7. Thanks Stuart Silvester, I'm checking the address :)
  8. Bonjour, J'ai expédié un mail chez SendGrid, car je n'arrive pas à valider l'Authentification de l'expéditeur via DNS / CNAME ? Claude
  9. Thank you very much to each of you. 🙂 Best regards, Claude
  10. Hello, Where can I translate the welcome message to a new member from the administrator? Thank you in advance. Regards, Claude
  11. Hello, Can you explain to me what I need to do to properly configure SendGrid. I have already activated it in the PCA and entered the API key. But after ? Because I have an error: The from address does not match a verified Sender Identity. Mail cannot be sent until this error is resolved! Thank you in advance, Regards, Claude
  12. Thanks again to everyone, I followed your instructions and everything is working properly. I'm going to be able to take a break 🙂 Perhaps soon, Very cordially, Claude
  13. No, Morrigan I did not delete the default theme. Invision Community support is currently in place on my application. Rhett tells me that I can update or reinstall my website from the client panel. That's what I did, I downloaded version 4.4.10 and I'm currently backing up my FTP and my database 🙂 Then I will update by overwriting the existing files. Thank you Morrigan. I'm working on a 64-bit CentOS 7 VPS and Cyberpanel under LigthSpeed!
  14. It didn't work Afrodude! Thank you. Claude
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