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  1. I'm just trying to fix the errors encountered on GTmetrix regarding the speed test to get better results. Thanks Rhett
  2. Hello Rhett, I would like to avoid unnecessary cookie traffic and serve static content from a different domain. Thanks Rhett Claude
  3. Hello Does it make sense to create a subdomain like “static.mydomain.com” in order to define the domain of cookies? Should I then add in the constants.php file the following 3 constants, namely: - \define ('COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'https://static.mydomain.com'); - \define ('COOKIE_PREFIX', 'prefix_'); - \define ('COOKIE_PATH', '/'); I'm not sure if these are the correct lines to insert into the constants file! Thank you in advance, Regards, Claude
  4. Hello bfarber, Will this import not necessarily create a forum or a sub-forum? thank you, Claude
  5. Thank you opentype :) This probably means that I have to go through a dedicated forum or sub-forum if I want to import an external feed! Regards, Claude
  6. Good evening everyone, I'm trying to import an RSS feed from a URL / Feed address. I can't associate this RSS with the orange RSS symbol at the bottom of the page! I don't want the elements of the feed to end up in a forum! Thank you in advance for your answers, Regards, Claude
  7. Good evening, Now resolved 🙂 Thanks to this message available on Google! I advise you to read it: https://www.invisionboard.fr/forums/topic/65465-dates-disparues-sur-certains-posts/ Subject related to version 4.4.3 of Invision Community. Apparently still relevant and congratulations to translators of IPS languages. Thank you all, Regards, Claude
  8. Hello everybody, I have no date in recent days in the publication at the level of "Our Picks" and in the posts that I publish daily on my forum. See the two screenshots. Thank you in advance, Regards, Claude
  9. Claude

    Cookie Notice

    Excellent plugin, very useful now in Europe. What would be great would be to have an editing window (an editor in short) associated with the "More Info" button.
  10. Good evening, In Members, edit the member that you want to disable the personal messenger and then go to the Restrictions tab> Restrictions> "Can send and receive messages?". Then select from the dropdown list: "No, and member can not re-enable." Claude
  11. Hello Afternova, Thank you a lot ! Regards, Claude
  12. Good Sunday to all, No one can help me? Thanks in advance, Claude
  13. Hello, Here, the problem encountered on my site is that of BBCode Dailymotion. I can not set it up properly! There are of two add-ons available on the website of CKEditor, but they do not satisfy me at all. Some errors when installed! That's why I thought it was better to have a custom button, in other words to have a good BBCode Dailymotion. Do any of you can help me implement this code in the admin panel of my editor? Thank you in advance, Regards, Claude
  14. What's on your mind?

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