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  1. DKIM configuration procedure Generate your domain key Add the public key to your domain's DNS records. This key allows mail servers to verify the DKIM signatures of messages Activate the DKIM signature to start adding it to all outgoing messages Should we also create a TXT record with include: _spf.google.com in the following records in our domain: mail.example.com and www.example.com, since the domain example.com already has Google instructions?
  2. @GTServices If DKIM is checked during website creation, or later when DKIM is generated for website. SPF specifies the servers authorized to send e-mail for a domain DKIM verifies that the content of the message is authentic and that it has not been modified DMARC specifies how your domain handles suspicious incoming e-mail
  3. No, I have never been to Turkey, and I do not believe that it is possible, at least by plane, I do not have the right to take this one because I was operated open heart for the replacement of a mechanical aortic valve 🙂 Otherwise, I know Germany, Switzerland, England, Italy and Spain well for having stayed there. In Germany more particularly during my military service as engaged in commando training center of the army, the combat engineer. I was young and Lebanon in 1978 too far! Good end of the day ABGenc / Bonne fin de journée ABGenc Claude
  4. Bravo et Merci ABGenc 🙂 Je suis de nationalité française, de Franche-Comté, de Normandie (le D-DAY 6 juin 1944), de Suisse et j'habite Angers, près de la Loire, on parle toujours de la douceur angevine et des vins et des châteaux de la Loire 🙂 Bravo and thank you ABGenc 🙂 I am of French nationality, from Franche-Comté, from Normandy (D-DAY June 6, 1944), from Switzerland and I live in Angers, near the Loire, we always talk about the sweetness of Angers and the wines and castles of the Loire 🙂
  5. The process works perfectly, I was able to send and receive very quickly in my Gmail mailbox my first message from the configuration settings of Invision Community, version 4.4.10:
  6. I am retired, I am 63 years old and in France, the government is gradually deconfining. We spent as much saying two and a half months staying practically at home, the exits under sanitary barriers, were controlled (supporting documents, etc.). So, I was really busy: genealogy, IT, forums, gardening, change of host, very difficult support for a VPS under LightSpeed, ... During this confinement, I initiated several works in parallel with genealogies for my friends and relatives. This is Morrigan what I did with my wife. Thanks in any case for opening this topic 🙂 Ah yes I was going to fo
  7. Note : https://toolbox.googleapps.com/apps/main/ I found myself facing the problem of messages to and from Gmail that never reached my inbox. The test under Invision Community is very practical to carry out this type of sending to the messaging of your choice. Except Gmail! I scoured the web for tools, and fell on Google. So I used the G Suite Toolbox to resolve the problems I was having with G Suite services. I will keep you posted because your new SPF record takes effect within 48 hours (propagation). SPF must allow Google servers to send email on behalf of the domain Source
  8. I got 81/100. My Community : http://www.prenommer.com
  9. Excellent plugin, very useful now in Europe. What would be great would be to have an editing window (an editor in short) associated with the "More Info" button.
  10. What's on your mind?

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