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Venue input provided but no Google image

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I found the guide about venue and I added the sample venue of Buckingham Palace, as well as the location I would like to add, The Old Joinery, Ravensbourne Wharf, Norman Road, Greenwich SE10 9QF United Kindgom.  

Here are images of the venue settings and the resulting calendar display.  


Could contain: Dining Table, Table, Dining Room, Restaurant, City, Cafe, Urban, Cafeteria, Man, PersonCould contain: File, Page, Text, White Board, Webpage

I am using 4.7.12 devsite testing.  Whether I select Buckingham Palace or The Old Joinery, I still get this same display, in terms of no Google Map.

Why isn't the Google Map displaying?

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1 hour ago, TracyIsland said:

Yes, although I am unsure if each of these api's are enabled in the 'Enable API' section.

Then thats certainly the first thing you will need to check there. Also, if you look at console in your browser, it may well tell you why google wont show them to you

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