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Uploading Fresh Files & Removing Outdated Files/Folders?

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I run a community that has been going since 2007 and our web server was recently found to have several malware infections.

My webhost has suggested removing the old forum files and uploading a fresh copy to remove any files that may have been infected with a backdoor for reinfection.

I tried making a copy of my database and uploading a fresh set of files to a new directory, then editing conf_global.php to use the new database and while this loads some details, various pages are missing, including the login page.

Can anyone suggest the best way to go about achieving this?



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There isn't any need to make a copy of the database. Unless you made one and then cleaned infected tables/content from there, too?

The best option is to re-upload a fresh set of files, and then compare the folder to check if there are any extra folders/files. Comparing the database tables to a fresh installation helps find the extra ones there, too. You also need to account for 3rd party applications and plugins, though.


If you'd like, I offer a cleanup service. You can check my site or send me a PM.

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