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2 Questions: 1) setting size limits on uploaded photos. 2) rebuilding system cache

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Regarding:   System > Settings > Posting > General > Images & Videos > Maximum Image dimensions to save

If I set maximum dimensions for uploaded images, then it is shown that: 

  • If an image larger than these dimensions is uploaded,
    it will be resized to no bigger than the dimensions
    and the original image will be discarded.

My question is whether setting max image dimension affects images uploaded prior to my setting this restriction? Ideally I would like to apply image dimension restrictions only going forward so that old uploaded images would not be affected.


Regarding:  Admin > Dashboard > Support > Tools & Diagnostics > Clear System Caches

What does "clearing system caches" actually do? Are images included in "system caches"?

THANKS in advance -- 🙂

Andrea B.

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1. This would only impact new images uploaded as it would be a considerable resource crunch to go through a community's previously uploaded images.

2. There's a cache for CSS and JavaScript that is built with the theme/software. Cache for blocks. Various other items throughout the software. However, it does not include images.

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10 hours ago, annedi said:

What is the benefit from rebuilding System Cache? Is that something which I should be doing occasionally?

Unless you have a problem or a specific need to do so, you wouldnt use that option. Its only generally if you have an issue somewhere that you may click that. There is no specific benefit to clicking it at a specific period

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