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How to get the file extension of a resource (image)

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Hi folks,

Is there a provided method already in IPS4 to obtain the file type or extension of an uploaded image attachment resource, or do we have to do it manually in theme templates?

If I know what an image file type is already because I supplied it I can use this:

href="{resource="my.webp" app="core" location="front"}" type="image/webp"

but if a user uploads their image, I need to set the correct image type from the resource itself.

Many thanks!

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The resource is a standard custom image upload originating from a custom theme setting. A user (admin) can upload an image which could be any accepted file type. I want to preload it, so it requires e.g. a type="image/webp" HTML attribute.

Regarding the template, it’s just a custom HTML theme template.

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