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Charge renewal in expired card

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Hi team,

I've the user id=442 with 2 payment cards, once is expired. And IPS tried to charge the renewal price first in the expired card with refused message and then charged in the second one.
IPS should disable the expired cards to not generate unnecesary charge process.

Probably this user will delete the expired card in the next hours because I sended a message for this, but I add your payment cards pic and account activity here.

Can you take a look to solve in upcoming updates? Thanks a lot.

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This would be the system working as designed and not a bug. Many credit cards have subscription features that allow subscriptions to be authorized, even if the card is expired because a previous transaction took place. It is up to the card issuer to decline or not the card and therefore, this is a perfectly acceptable transaction. Additionally, what you're seeing there in the screenshot, would not be known to us with payment gateways as all we have is a transactional ID to attempt payment and the actual gateway holds the credit card details.

The user would need to manage their card if they do not want the card attempted.

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