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How to Remove Archiving?

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I would like to disable archiving (Cloud). Well over 3m posts. This is causing us very significant problems. I have upped the limit to 12 years (the maximum allowed), but this is not good enough. Content goes back 19 years, and we still have active members who joined from that period.

We also have some members who return many years later and most (or even all) of their content has disappeared from their profile and searches. Other members cannot seek out the old content from a member they find interesting or useful.

I have a member who returned just today - only 803 of her 3,281 posts are practically accessible.

I am also planning to soon send an email circular to all old members - but any who might return will find their older history decimated. (For some, this could mean most or even all of their history has effectively disappeared).

The very nature of our community means that older content does not become out-dated. And some members remain active from earliest days. What is the solution?


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29 minutes ago, Como said:

Hi @Marc Stridgen

Sorry, I do not understand. What's unarchiving? Have you done something, because I have not.

I set it to 12 years  (the maximum) a couple of months ago or more. I am concerned about the 7-8 years before that.

I have done something back end to unarchive everything

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