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Locked Task: sitemapgenerator

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Not sure why, but started to get emails on a configuration issue regarding a Configuration Issue Detected

Email body says:

A configuration issue has been detected on your community which requires your attention.
Locked Task: sitemapgenerator
One of the routine maintenance tasks which run in the background has failed several times, which may indicate a configuration issue.

When I check the site logs for the task it only shows successful runs.  I also have no notifications indicating a problem, so it seems like it probably resolved itself on the next run however this error email comes out pretty much every night.  How do I track down what's happening here, as the IPS AdminCP doesn't seem to show any error or I'm not looking in the right place (nothing in System Logs, Errors Logs, or Task Log).

Also worth noting, I have another site running on the same IP/host and it does not get this error.

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