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Regenerate new Member ID key for RSS Feed of private clubs and forums


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Each forum and club has it own RSS Feed in the icon menu at bottom right. When I visit the private Moderators club, there is an RSS Feed for the private club with the mod's member ID key. How do I disable the RSS Feed for Moderators only as it can contain private topics if shared inadvertently?

I unchecked Moderators group in the new RSS Feed's Settings but when visiting each forum/club, there still appears an RSS Feed in the footer for the visited forum/club and this happens even for the private Moderator's club - the URL with the member ID private key. It is ok if moderators don't have access to RSS Feeds but not sure how to regenerate the new Member ID key or disable RSS Feeds for moderators. In a case where a mod quits the forum, the mod's personal URL to the RSS Feed of the private Mod club remains the same which is a concern. Now we end up deactivating the account and create a new mod account for the new person instead of reusing the same Mod account for the new person.

Please provide an option to regenerate a new Mod Member ID key for RSS Feed of private clubs/forums (preferably) and this option to regen new Member ID key should also be offered while changing the email/password of any Mod account.

Or, do not render the RSS Feed link for private clubs/forums.

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  • WebCMS changed the title to Regenerate new Member ID key for RSS Feed of private clubs and forums

The unique hash for the RSS is generated in this order:

  1. If the user is a guest, it generates a random string.
  2. If the user is logged in and has a password hash, it generates a unique key based on it. (People who login with a 3rd party account, like FB or X, might not have it.)
  3. If the user is logged in but has no password hash, a random unique hash is generated for their account, and there is no way to edit it. (It would require a modification, or you can edit it directly in the database.)


So, to make a quick summary, as long as you change the account's password, the unique hash is regenerated and the old URL won't work anymore for them.

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