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Push Notifications, your server does not have the GMP PHP extension installed

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I'm looking for your help and advise.

We had our hosting upgraded to a new server and now we have this issue recommendation.  Will missing this GMP PHP extension have any other knock on problems?

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I've also requested to the hosting company that its installed as it was on their previous server but not holding my breath.


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We could live without that, but its unknown if GMP will be used for more in the future.

However, the host (krystal.uk) has replied...


Hello Richard,

It appears that this PHP extension isn't yet part of Cloudlinux standard installation package. It was a core extension in 8.0, and became a shared library in 8.1. I can't explain why the 8.2 version is deployed as part of Cloudlinux's package, but the 8.2 version is not. We will raise this with Cloudlinux and get the extension installed globally. By the time you read this the extension should be available. Thank you for pointing this out.

Kind regards

Steve S (Admin)

And sure enough all is good now, happy days 😄

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