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Problems after upgrade and unable to access AdminCP

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I recently upgraded to version 4.7.12 and the upgrade and DB migration seemed to run successfully.

However when I open the home page on localhost I see the following:

Could contain: File, Page, Text, Webpage

I'm also unable to access the AdminCP page even after I set the 'RECOVERY_MODE' env variable in constants.php in the root directory, so I'm unsure what I should do next.

I'd be very grateful of any help on this.

Thank you.

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Just now, Miss_B said:

What version did you upgrade from and did you actually ran the upgrader?

What theme are you using? If it is a custom one, maybe it is not compatible with the latest version? What php version do you have?


It was version 3.* so quite old. Yes, I ran the whole upgrade, took around 90 minutes and was successful.

I'm on php 8.1 and not sure about the theme, is there somewhere I can remove it from in the code so that it reverts to the default. I'm also unsure as to why this would stop me seeing the AdminCP.

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