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  1. "Facebook" user

    My board members have started to notice that a "Facebook" user is frequently listed among users reading a particular topic. They seem to be worried that Facebook can "see" whatever they are posting on the board. How do I assuage these fears? Why is there a "Facebook" user reading topics? How do I prevent this user from reading the board?
  2. Mobile Skin Requests

    Ah, thanks. The Android user-agent is not mapped to the Mobile skin by default for some reason, works perfect now.
  3. Mobile Skin Requests

    My own mobile skin request: It would be a much better experience if the board would detect what type of browser I have and deliver the appropriate skin. As it is, if I'm on my phone, I have to click "Use Mobile version", and then when I come back to my desktop browser, it loads the mobile version, and I have to click "Use Full Version". Are there any mods that load different skins based on something like the user-agent string?
  4. This article explains why bcrypt is strongly preferred to MD5 and other hash functions: http://codahale.com/how-to-safely-store-a-password/
  5. In my previous version of IPB, there was some functionality to automatically refresh the unread posts icons after clicking the Back button out of a topic. Now when I back out of a topic, the unread posts icon remains unless I refresh the page in the browser. I'm not very familiar with how the previous version of IPB was configured, so there may have been a 3rd party add-on that got lost in the upgrade. It would be great if I could figure out a way to add this functionality.
  6. IPB 2.1.7 to IPB 3

    Perhaps I should have mentioned it up front, but the main issue is that the site got hit by a wordpress exploit: http://blog.sucuri.net/2012/02/malware-campaign-from-rr-nu.html We have an old instance of wordpress on the same host that IPB is on, and it succumbed to this exploit. Our hosting provider restored our site from a backup prior to the infection, so everything is back to normal for now. My first action was to remove the wordpress install completely, since we don't have a need for the blog anymore. However, after I did that I noticed that the "Goto last unread" icons on IPB were slightly broken. When I read a thread that use unread posts, then click the back button, the "last unread" icon does not disappear unless I refresh. The normal behavior with the wordpress directory in place is that there is some sort of cookie that tracks which threads have unread posts. I'm not quite sure why the presence of wordpress would affect this behavior, but somehow it does. I realize that this whole wordpress business is seemingly unrelated to the task of upgrading, but when I move the site over to the new host, I want to leave behind all remnants of the vulnerable wordpress install. The above behavior seems to indicate that there is some sort of integration between the two that I don't quite understand. This was all configured by someone else that I am not in contact with. Yesterday was the first time I've ever even logged into the host. So, in summary, what I would like to do is move the IPB 2.1.7 install to a new host, sans wordpress. Then, we can do the upgrade to 3.3, and hopefully things like "unread posts" will work after the upgrade. Ideally, there would be a way to confirm that no remnants for wordpress integration remain.
  7. IPB 2.1.7 to IPB 3

    I'm quite sure the original support agreement has expired. Actually someone else handled the original install several years ago, but I have volunteered to handle the upgrade. So how does the upgrade service work? Do I need to give you access to my web server? Another thing I would like to consider is to install 3.3 on a new host, and just grab all of the old info from the database. That way I can bring up the new host and test out the boards before I make it live. Is that feasible?
  8. IPB 2.1.7 to IPB 3

    I have a board running on IPB 2.1.7. What is the upgrade path to IPB 3 like? My ideal scenario is that all user accounts and posts get maintained across the upgrade. I would also like existing boards settings to be preserved (such as verification for new users). Is it a matter of just installing IPB 3 and pointing it at the old database? Or will I be migrating the old database to a new one using some scripts? What other options for the upgrade do I need to consider?