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Spam Improvements


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Spam levels are extraordinary high at the moment - I know invision are working on improvements but one thing I think would be useful is downrating in the spam system temporary email addresses - there is a maintained list here:


Many of the spammers I have seen recently are using email addresses in this list and it is rare for legitimate members to use disposable email addresses so it would be great if the spam defence could automatically notch an account up a point if it uses a disposable email address which for us, would then put the member on moderated posts which would catch a lot of these.

It would also be good to see some sort of spam scoring to posts as well to be able to set a trigger for new members if there posts reach a certain spam level score moderate them first - again a lot of the spam we are seeing is very obviously spam so it shouldn’t take much intelligence to sift these out - for example I’ve caught a lot today just by putting ‘coinbase’ in our word filter and making those go straight to moderated posts.

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