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Event times not sticking

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Is anyone else having issues with event times not being entered? By that I mean that when I create an event and put in either a start and/or end time, it takes me three or four saves before they 'stick'. They keep reverting to 12:00 AM. Usually I have to create it with the start time only, then save, then do it again, then I do the end time, then save, then I have to do it again, and sometimes once more. So I'm basically having to save up to five times before the start/end times are finally saved.



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Hi Marc. Bear with me... tried again and now it works??? It's been giving me grief for days. Bizarre.

Original problem was on Safari/Mac with virtual event and link. Happened regularly.

Tried again this morning, still on Mac, but both Edge and Safari, and it works... Will test again with a couple of different approaches and revert.

It's like going to the mechanic with an intermittent ping... 🤨

Thanks for the quick response.

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