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(Paid) Gdpr cookie popup combination of ips/google tag manager & 2 network scripts


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I am looking for someone to sort this out for me:

I have 2 existing popups.  They are both already visually optimized (logo, colors etc)

 One that was made from google tag manager,  (for google and GAM campaigns)  and one that appears because of an adnetwork I am serving ads for (the script is loading it because it s necessary).  A third network is asking for another cookie popup that will suit them,.... so..

I need one popup that will combine.   a)GTM+ googleads. b)adnetwork1  (project agora)  c). adnetwork 2 (orange click media) d) adnetwork 3 (underdog media)

 I could ask elsewhere but they dont have ips knowledge, 

I would rather have someone with that knowledge so that the ips specifications can be respected/followed/combined ?...  

How much would something like that cost? is 50 euros enough?  (If I do the placement and  other extra stuff that may be needed)

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Thank you ! yes I quantcast has been recommended to me also. 

I know about google. My issue is that I need someone help me combine all together in one. If quantcast it may be, ok! 

But I cant do it myself because my knowledge is limited and my time not enough to learn to do it correctly.  Especially because of the combination of networks. My issue is that I want someone to implement this for me. 

 When I tried to , i read for hours and hours and did not feel confident that I know how to do it - correctly! 

I think is something that is needed as a service.  Its in-depth knowledge, I am an ngo and forum owner, and single mom, but not a developer or a server admin, and I dont have unlimited hours to learn it, dont beleive I really can. The developers I have asked dont do it. Other people I know, do not know ips. 

Gdpr is here and the ad agencies ask for a correct working consent cookie popup which I dont have. They are not able to serve ads if this is not correctly set up. So I am hanging there in my lack of know-how...

As I mentioned I have a consent cookie popup set up by a previous admin on google tag manager which is popping up - but I dont know what to change there to combine the other networks! : 

I took a look, I really cannot understand how this thing works/if it works/what I need to add for new networks/ where to add it / is it working? / is it compliant?   Its just impossible. 

Bur someone who knows, might be able to solve this all in 30 minutes!  I am looking for that someone! 🙏


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