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Update Stuck - Internal 500 ERROR

Salim Trouve

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Hello, I'm facing a big issue in my forum. I recently had a invision update notification so I did it, but suddenly I got an error during the update.

Now I'm stuck with this message 

Could contain: Page, Text, File






Here is step by step (to understand) :


Step 1 Could contain: Page, Text, File

Step 2 Could contain: File, Page, Text, Webpage

Step 3 Could contain: Page, Text

Step 4 (error)Could contain: Page, Text, File




The forum is not accessible since few days and it's critical for my project.


Visitors see this 

Could contain: Page, Text, File, Webpage




I really need your help for this. Can you guide me please?

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Sorry to see you are having issues there. The problem you are seeing is an internal server error. In the first instance, please check your server error logs to see exactly what the error is. Its very likely you have something added that isnt compatible with the upgrade

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