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Problem viewing site since update

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4 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Are you seeing this when you log in as those users?

No I’m not having the issue logged in as them.

4 minutes ago, opentype said:

Tell them to force a browser refresh. It’s pretty common. The URLs to the theme CSS can change with the update and so if their browsers still try to load the old URLs, it fails like this. 

Yes that was the first thing I asked them to do but unfortunately it didn’t resolve the issue. I thought that would be the answer too.

They’ve also tried different browsers with the same result.

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Im not sure what I can really suggest here. You could maybe change the password for one of them so you can log in directly, but I suspect you are just going to see it fine again. If the issue is on the users end there is little you are going to be able to do to resolve this.

What I have done is to clear the cache on this end. So would ask the users to check again first. 

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