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Sharing Forum Posts to Facebook with the link doesn't get any image to display on Facebook

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Hello, I am trying to share links to webpages on my site however Facebook doesn't display the image. Even when I use the FB Debugger to rescrape (the debugger shows the image, but trying to post afterwards on Facebook still yields no image).

For example, if I try to post this link to Facebook

I can go to the Facebook Debugger, rescrape the page and sometimes an image appears and sometimes no image appears, and then go write the post on Facebook (the image usually shows in the box here fine), but as soon as I click Post, the image disappears and all I have is the box with the page title and text snippet underneath with an empty image frame).

Really not sure what else to try, all the help online suggests using the Facebook debugger to rescrape, which shows the image there but not after I actually do the post.

Currently I have the default share image to a generic image, but the text next to that option says that if there isn't an image in the post it would use the default. If I remove the default share image, I get nothing that comes up.

Please help. I am at a total loss what the issue is.

Thank you.


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The first thing to understand on these, is that facebook will use whatever image it sees as the most suitable on the page. This isnt something you are doing wrong, its just the way facebook work.

Yyou can tell them to use a sharer image instead if you wish to use your logo or something like. You can do this from Customization>Appearance>Icons and Logos. It sounds like that is what you have already done. 

All I can say is if the images are present, thats all you can really do from your end. The rest is down to facebook.

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