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create or embed signup payment form outside of IPS in Wordpress

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I wanted to know whether it's possible to have the signup form embedded somehow out of the IPS community, like WordPress, for example. 

I need to create multiple landing pages in WordPress, and redirecting them to IPS for sign-up is not good because IPS doesn't allow me to adjust the forms easily. It requires programming knowledge.

Why am I saying this? Because IPS cannot create well-laid-out forms, it requires programming and a developer to design them. With WordPress and Elementor builder, I can build very good landing pages and forms in a few minutes without knowing any HTML.

So, my question is, is it possible to create a form for WordPress that behaves like IPS forms, creates the user and everything as in IPS, etc.?

For instance, I would like to create a landing page with a form like below and adding a few blocks of information above as the pitch sales available on most landing pages. I want to create it on Wordpress and when the user clicks on SUBSCRIBE NOW, the whole IPS signup process will be executed.


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