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Request for Paid assistance to migrate from 4.3 -4.4 to new version

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I have a server administrator, who is not an expert in IPS  -  and i manage the 2 forums i own,

now running on  4.3 and 4.4. on a 7.4 php server .  When the 8php is changed, I want to upgrade. 

I cannot afford the time and effort and dont have the knowledge (I also have to care for my mother (parkinson) my daughter and day to day issues)

so I am requesting - asking how much money would someone need to help out with the process of upgrading (will need to be able to access  the server).

the plugins we have,  are available for the newest version (except for the enhanced advertising app that will be made) 

there is no modification only a theme, also not greatly edited.  The theme, is something I can handle ( do do some copy pasting etc)

I dont want to burden my server administrator in learning this process because he has other jobs to attend to, and the deal we have is not about upgrading this software etc. 

Myself i dont touch server issues, i only have been dealing with my forums past 17 yrs but not with all that upgrading, and the previous ones were done automaticalyl, I read that this one should i deally be done in a different way manually, because of the version of 4.4. -4.3. 

Do you have any ideas? how much would someone need to be paid to do this?

[Also - if someone is interested can provide maybe with something as an exchange. like German, Greek lessons, tips about traveling to Greece, Drawing (am originally an artist...) psychology and kids (subject of my website) for the extra hours of work]

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