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Skipped Gallery images with large albums (+1000 files)

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I am building a new site with the Gallery application (and S3 storage) where up to 1500 images need to be uploaded to a new album at once. The problem is, that the created albums cut off at a certain point and don’t contain all images that were selected. When I upload:

  1. It runs through the collection process without error showing all images as thumbnail (e.g. 1000)
  2. It runs through the storage process with the progress bar without errors
  3. I am forwarded to the album, but it only has like the first 500 images.

I don’t see any errors anywhere. The album is just incomplete. 

So my question is: Is there a limit that IPS sets somewhere? And if not, it there something I need to tweak in my php.ini to process all files? I guess the list of files to be saved is stored somewhere (RAM? MySQL? File system?) but it can’t hold all the entries at once and so some are getting skipped. 

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It's difficult to say unfortunately as there are potentially lots of things that can affect the submissions (description and file name sizes etc). 

Your host is best placed to advise on any server side limits being hit and I'm not certain those variables are the cause but they would be my hunch and you could increase them to see how it affects the count processed. You may also be hitting a max requests limit with s3.

I assume you're able to upload all of the images if you do them in batches?



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