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Transfering credit account to the client area


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Maybe this is not the place for this topic, but I don't have access to the help forum
About 15 days ago, I made a request to the support unit (through the contact form), which unfortunately I have not received the right answer yet.
I wanted an amount to be transferred from my account credit to the client area to renew my license(which, of course, I think users in this community should have this possibility themselve!!!). Although this was done many times before in two or three days, this time it took about 15 days and this has not happened yet and my account has been suspended(more than a week)
I can't even post a topic in the help forum. Update the products and...
I don't think it will take much time to do this.

what is the other way to get support after 15 days? please advise


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Hi @ReyDev,

Thanks for following this up.

I have checked your ticket and the last reply from the IPS team was made three business days ago. We are waiting on approval for your request as you can appreciate any dealings with money and account credit must be actioned by a senior staff member.

I will follow this one up for you in the interim and hope to have an answer to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. To answer your last question though, support can only be obtained via the contact form or right here on the forum.

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I'm sorry for your frustration. I've gone ahead and done this for you as a courtesy one last time, but unfortunately, the IPS retail system and the Marketplace are two different entities - the funds are not commingled. Doing this compromises the accounting on both ends, so the best way to do this moving forward would be to withdrawal the credit from the Marketplace and submit it to the client area as a normal payment. 

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

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