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Automated Email to Member When Content is Featured


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I would love to see notifications when an admin or staff recognizes member content. Here are a few examples of notifications sent to a member when:

  • Notification sent when gallery image is featured
  • Notification sent when any content is featured
  • Notification sent when content is picked by "Our Pics"

As it is right now, members would not know if their content was featured or chosen for "Our Picks".

I am sure there are other "ego booster" notifications that could be triggered. This would increase happiness, ego, and recognition, and encourage members to return to the community and engage, or re-engage.

Also, I think it would be really neat if a topic could be pushed as a Bulk Mail from the front end. There are many instances when a really wonderful topic has been created by one of our members, or by Staff, and a quick button for use by admins would be nice to click at the topic level, and push that topic out as a bulk mailing.

Thanks for the consideration.

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