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Possible Bug in Badges on Author Change?

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I was trying to leverage badges and group promotion rules. It seems as though the trigger for badge assignment doesnt fire in IP Downloads. This is the flow....

  1. I upload a file to IP Downloads (I am the author)
  2. From the front end of IP Downloads, I change the author to User2 (now they are the author)
  3. User 2 now has a IP Files count of 1, but the badge for "First File Uploaded" doesnt fire
  4. Since the badge of First File Uploaded doesnt fire, the Group Promotion rule to promote them from Member to Contributor doesnt fire

I am not sure if there is a task that catches them up at a later date, but I feel like I shouldnt have to manually run all the badge counts again. A change of author, should decrease me, and increase them, therefore giving them the badge and the promotion.

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10 hours ago, Randy Calvert said:

Badges are not automatically awarded if you manually change an owner.  You would either need to manually award the badge or rebuild the achievements...

ACP > Members > Achievements > Settings

Click on "Rebuild Members' Achievements".  

I guess I dont understand why. The count is refreshed when changing the author, why is this not a trigger for a badge check?

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